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Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

Experience the power of innovation with our suction cup shower head holder, securely holding your shower head in place without any suction-free worries. Adjust and rotate it 360 degrees for a reliable grip that will make you feel the contemporary style and texture of its ABS material. This contracted model, originating from Mainland China, ensures easy installation with its punch-free ABS fixed base. Rest assured with the CE certification and trust in the brand name macroupta.

Introducing the Suction Cup Shower Head Holder, a robust and innovative solution to securely hold your shower head in place. This revolutionary suction-free shower bracket allows you to effortlessly adjust and rotate your shower head by 360 degrees, providing unparalleled convenience during your daily bathing routine. Crafted with an ABS fixed base, this holder promises a reliable grip that will stay put even under high water pressure or sudden movements, ensuring that your shower head remains firmly in position without any worry of it slipping or falling. Constructed from top-quality ABS material, the Suction Cup Shower Head Holder combines functionality with contemporary style. It's contracted yet sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor while maintaining optimal practicality. This model is proudly manufactured in Mainland China and adheres to rigorous quality standards for your peace of mind. The installation process is effortless as it requires no punching or drilling - simply adhere it onto any smooth surface using the provided manual instructions. Moreover, this versatile sprinkler bracket boasts the prestigious CE certification which guarantees its compliance with European safety regulations. Rest assured knowing that you are investing in a product backed by industry-leading brand name macroupta renowned for their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Experience the power of optimum control over your showers as you plunge into relaxation with our Suction Cup Shower Head Holder – an unrivaled combination of durability, reliability, and style!

  • The Suction Cup Shower Head Holder securely holds your shower head without the need for drilling or screws
  • With its 360-degree rotation feature, you can easily adjust the angle of your shower head to suit your preferences
  • Made from high-quality ABS material, this contemporary and contracted style holder provides a reliable grip that won't slip

Securely hold your shower head with the universal, suction-free shower bracket. Easily adjust it and rotate it 360 degrees with the punch-free ABS fixed base for a reliable grip. Take the plunge and feel the power of a confident grip!

texture of material: ABS

style: contemporary and contracted

model: currency

Origin: Mainland China

Installation type: Manual

Function: Sprinkler bracket

Certification: CE

Brand Name: macroupta


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