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XIAOMI YOUPIN Vacuum Sealer Box

XIAOMI YOUPIN Vacuum Sealer Box

Introducing the XIAOMI YOUPIN Vacuum Sealer Box - Circle Joy's innovative solution for fresh-keeping and preservation. Experience portable, antibacterial, and electric food vacuum sealing at its finest with this versatile kitchen companion. Say goodbye to wasted snacks and hello to ultimate freshness!

Introducing the XIAOMI YOUPIN Vacuum Sealer Box, a revolutionary addition to your kitchen arsenal. Manufactured by Circle Joy, this Electric Vacuum Fresh-keeping Box set is designed to keep your food fresh and flavorful for extended periods. Equipped with an efficient vacuum pump, it ensures that oxygen is effectively removed from the container, preventing any bacterial growth and preserving the quality of your food. With its compact and portable design, this Antibacterial Preservation Box is perfect for on-the-go use as well. Made for convenience, this Electric Food Vacuum Sealer Kitchen Set includes a Snack Storage Container that boasts a generous 1L capacity – ample space to store all your favorite treats. Operating at a voltage of 3V⎓ and rated power of 5W, it delivers powerful performance while consuming minimal energy. Additionally, the charging voltage of 5V⎓ and charging current of 0.5A make it suitable for various power sources without any hassles or complications. Please note that we do not provide warranties or guarantees.

  • The XIAOMI YOUPIN Vacuum Sealer Box, powered by the Circle Joy Electric Vacuum Pump, ensures efficient and long-lasting preservation of your food, keeping it fresh for extended periods.
  • The XIAOMI YOUPIN Vacuum Sealer Box (CJ-VST0
  • Offers convenience with its easy-to-use electric vacuum pump, allowing you to effortlessly seal and preserve your food items.
  • This high-quality kit provides a reliable solution for preserving the quality of your food by creating an airtight seal using the powerful electric vacuum pump included

XIAOMI YOUPIN Circle Joy Electric Vacuum Fresh-keeping Box Set Vacuum Pump Antibacterial Preservation Portable Electric Food Vacuum Sealer Kitche Snack Storage Container

Name: Circle Joy Electric Vacuum Preservation Box Set

Model: CJ-VST04

Capacity: 1L

Working voltage: 37.V⎓

Rated power: 5W

Charging voltage: 5V⎓

Charging current: 0.5A

Electric vacuum pump: ABS, silicone

Product Size:

Electric vacuum pump: 46X46X141.5mm

Vacuum preservation glass box: 210*148*78. 1mm

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Plug Type: US plug

Origin: Mainland China

Communication method: Other

Brand Name: Xiaomi Circle Joy

Antibacterial and fresh-keeping vacuum preservation box set glass version

Vacuum preservation|Antibacterial and anti-oxidation|Food grade material