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Wj-18 Dumpling Machine

Wj-18 Dumpling Machine

Wj-18 Manual Dumpling Machine Miniature Vertical Manual Dumpling Machine Dumpling Packing Machine Fast And Convenient. Kitchen Appliances. Type: Pasta Makers.


Type: Other

Name:Dumpling making machine




Dumpling stuffing Tank capacity:1kg(can make about 90pcs dumpling)

Package system speed: General speed is about 26 pcs/min

Dumpling weight:14--18g/pcs

Clean time: about 5 minites

Occasion: Hotel, restaurant, home, commercial

 Type: Dumpling Machine

Size: 238*256*468mm

Product name: Dumpling Making Machine

Package system speed: General speed is about 26 pcs/min

Origin: Mainland China

Net weight: 4.5kg

Model Number: SA-D

Material: Stainless Steel

Dumpling stuffing Tank capacity: 1kg(can make about 90pcs dumpling)

Apply to: Hotel, restaurant, home, commercial


When the filling-pressing disk is at the bottom of the filling-barrel, there will be a sound of "click "every 3 cirles of cranking. This" click "is telling you that the disk is at the bottom and there is no need to crank. It’s normal.

The machine is assembled by professionals, it’s very exquisite. Please don’t dismantle the machine, it may cause damage to the machine.


Please only wash the food-contact components which can be dismantled from the primary machine. Please Do Not put the whole machine into water, which damages the bearings of the machine and causes serious consequences.


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