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Windmill Cereal Storage Container

Windmill Cereal Storage Container

Our Windmill Cereal Storage Container combines the best of both worlds - innovative airtight food storage technology and the timeless traditional Chinese style. Indulge in fresh and effortless dry food dispensing with this must-have addition to your kitchen - perfect for any cereal lover!

As a busy person, I'm always looking for ways to simplify my daily routine. The Windmill Cereal Storage Container has become an essential part of my kitchen setup. With its Airtight Food Storage feature, I no longer have to worry about stale cereal or other dried goods losing their freshness over time. This elegant Traditional Chinese Style container is not only stylish and sophisticated but also highly functional and practical. Thanks to the Dry Food Dispenser feature, I can now effortlessly dispense just the right amount of cereal in every serving without any messy spills or wastage! Plus, it helps me preserve my favorite foods for longer periods so that I don't have to keep restocking them frequently - saving me both time and money!

  • With its airtight seal, this container ensures that your favorite cereals and grains stay fresh for longer periods of time compared to other standard food storage containers available on the market
  • The convenience of a dry food dispenser allows you to easily portion out just the right amount of cereal or snacks without creating messes or wasting any food
  • Made from highquality materials, this durable container is built to last and will keep your dry foods fresher for extended periods while maintaining their quality taste and texture

Windmill Cereal Storage Container. Creative Metal Safe Wall-Mounted Dry Food Cereal Dispenser Indoor Dry Food Storage Box


Type: Food Storage Containers

Style: Traditional Chinese

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Acryl


Package Size:

35.5cm x 9.5cm/13.98" x 3.74"


Because the dry food dispenser's surface is transparent design, you can identify the contents without opening.

You can press the button of the 6 partitions and rotating design rice bucket to take out the rice or cereals.

It is made of premium quality PC, PP, ABS and metal materials.

The length of the rice bucket is 35.5 cm and the width is 9.5 cm.

The airtight food storage container is ideal for storing dry foods such as flour, rice, nuts, beans, snacks, coffee etc.

Package Content:

1 x Rice Bucket

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