Xiaomi Youpin Smart Mini Wall Washing Machine

Wall Washing Machine

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About the Item:

Smart Mini Washing Machine to install on the wall. Machine for washing and drying delicate clothes with double washing and intelligent drying with sterilization. Xiaomi Youpin Wall Washing Machine. Cleaning

Product specifications:

  • Brand Name: Xiaomi Youpin
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin:
    • Shanghai CN(Origin)
  • Dehydration speed:
    • 700 Revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Size:
    • 26,77 * 23,22 * 14,56 inches
  • Gross Weight:
    • 776.027 ounces
  • Power (W): 1200W
  • Washing Noise:
    • 45 dB (A-weighting)
    • 53 dB (A-weighting)
  • Washing capacity:
    • 176,37 ounces
  • Motor: 
    • The 3rd generation DD direct drive variable frequency motor
  • Cabinet Material: 
    • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • Water Pressure Regulator:
    • 0.05-0.8Mpa
  • Voltage (V): 220V
  • Product Category:
    • Home & Garden >
      • Household Appliances >
        • Laundry Appliances >
          • Washing Machines
  • Model Number: G1-NZB
  • Function: Wall washer and dryer machine
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Washing method: 
  • Rated washing capacity:
    • 88.18 ounces
  • Washing power: 80W
  • Heating power: 1100W
  • Features:
    • The third generation DD direct
    • drive variable frequency motor
    • has high efficiency power and
    • low energy consumption, instead
    • of the traditional belt drive mode of the motor.
    • The direct drive force from the metal
    • shaft rapidly advances to the inner
    • cylinder, which is highly
    • efficient and energy-saving.
    • 45 decibels, low noise,
    • no hassle, night washing and care also uses
    • a high-quality DD direct
    • drive frequency conversion motor,
    • the motor is taken directly from the inner
    • cylinder and rotates coaxially, no belt noise,
    • running smoothly and quietly.
    • The 88 ounces custom capacity
    • is perfect for daily cleaning and protection
    • to refuse to wash
    • and reduce cross infection.
    • 88 ounces of botanical ginseng
    • special wash: capacity, fully
    • meet the needs of regular washing
  • Installation details:
    • First, fix the mounting bracket
    • with 4 88 expansion bolts,
    • then embed and secure
    • the washing machine on the home
    • improvement bracket, and finally
    • fasten it firmly with 2 fixing bolts to allow
    • the washing machine to be hung on the wall.
    • It is safer to go on safety. Each 88-level expansion
    • bolt has a tensile strength of 800Mpa
    • and a strength of 640Mpa, which
    • can bear a weight of about 500kg

Note: Xiaoji Technology adopts wall hanging technology with independent intellectual property rights.

  • Voltage (V): 220V
  • Certification: 3C
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Power (W): >300W
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: Grade 2
  • Washing Machine Type: Front Loading
  • Loading Type: Front Loading
  • Opening Method: Front Open
  • Tub No.: Single Tub
  • Type: Compact
  • Automatic Type: Automatic
  • Condition: New
  • Washing Capacity (kg): 2.1-4.5kg
  • Drainage Method: Lower Outlet
  • Washing Program: Antibiotic Wash
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Tub Material: Stainless steel
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Motor type: Frequency Conversion Motor
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Model Number: G1K-XYY/G1-NZB

About the brand:

Xiaomi Youpin, formerly known as mijiayoupin, is not only the boutique life shopping platform of Xiaomi company, but also an important part of Xiaomi's "new retail" strategy. Relying on the Xiaomi ecological chain system, Xiaomi mode is used as consumer goods to extend Xiaomi's "ultimate cost performance" to all aspects of the field of living and home.

At present, it has covered major consumer goods categories such as home, daily use, kitchen, household appliances, intelligence, audio-visual, clothing, travel, culture and innovation, health, diet, washing and care, luggage, infants and children.

Xiaomi Youpin adheres to the concept of "a good product that moves people's hearts and has a good price". As Xiaomi's main position in the field of consumer goods, Youpin is committed to providing users with consumer products with high quality, high appearance, high cost performance and a sense of science and technology. Take "quality life, better choice" as the brand concept. While carefully creating and selecting high-quality goods, we will simplify the number of products, so that good things don't have to be picked and bought at ease, and create a "better choice" boutique life shopping platform for users.

Xiaomi Youpin is an open but strict quality control life shopping platform. In addition to Xiaomi, Mijia and ecological chain brands, Youpin also introduces a large number of high-quality third-party brand products with complete chain capabilities such as design, manufacturing, sales, logistics and after-sales, and supports the independent development of the three-party brands to jointly create a quality life for users.

At present, Xiaomi ecological chain brands that have settled in products include: 90 points, Dr. Bei, yeelight, Zhimi, Qingmi, Zimi, yunmi, 1More, aqara, 8h, huahuacao, jienaituo, etc. (in no order); At present, the third-party high-quality enterprise brands that have been introduced include nightly, beva, fire, element, No. 7, shegu fruit, 365wear, Yiwu Yishi, mikamika, Yixiang, Wuran, cottonsmith, etc. (in no order). The [Xiaomi crowdfunding] launched in July 2015 is also a major feature of the product platform. Many cool products at the forefront of intelligent technology have brought more early taste experience to users.

  • Don't pick: advocate: save time, don't waste time; While carefully creating and selecting high-quality goods, we will simplify the number of products, solve the problem of selecting from hundreds of brands of similar goods in traditional online shopping, the good and bad are intermingled, and users struggle to screen time-consuming pain points, so that good things don't have to be picked and buy at ease.
  • Cost performance: advocate: there should be products, not luxury products; Continue the thinking of "explosive products", make consumer goods with Xiaomi mode, and extend Xiaomi's "ultimate cost performance" to all aspects of the field of living and home.
  • There is a brand: advocate: there should be products, not imitations; Do not make OEM products from major suppliers. All products are independent brands. The products come from Xiaomi / Mijia brand products and Xiaomi ecological chain own brand products. At the same time, high-quality third-party brands are introduced.
  • Have taste: advocate: to have quality, but also beauty; Products are also works of art, ranging from a bowl to a dish to a room, which shows the aesthetics of life.
  • Have a sense of science and technology: advocate: have products and a sense of science and technology; In addition to smart digital products, home products should also use the latest technology and materials to bring better quality experience

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