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Wall-mounted Slippers Rack

Wall-mounted Slippers Rack

Maximize your space and keep your shoe collection organized with our elegant wall-mounted slipper rack. A functional and stylish addition to any entryway or bathroom, this beautiful storage solution will help you maintain a well-appointed home while adding a touch of luxury. With its PET size chart and no-punch installation, our shoe hanger from Mainland China is the perfect organizer for your shoes, slippers, and sandals. Say goodbye to clutter and embrace the beauty of order with our drain drying slipper holder organizer

Introducing our Wall-mounted Slipper Rack, the elegant addition your entryway or bathroom needs for organizing your shoe collection. By maximizing space and providing a practical storage solution, this beautiful and functional rack ensures that your home stays organized and well-appointed. The size and layout of this rack allow for the beauty of order to be effortlessly achieved, adding a touch of luxury to any room. Crafted with PET materials from Mainland China, it is built to last while also being environmentally friendly. With its innovative design, this Wall-mounted Slipper Rack functions as both a shoe organizer and hanger, keeping your slipper sandals neatly in place while allowing them to dry properly without occupying valuable floor space in your bathroom. Upgrade the organization in your home today!

  • Maximize Space and Stay Organized with our Wall-mounted Slipper Rack, a functional and beautiful storage solution for your shoe collection
  • Add an Elegant Touch of Luxury to your entryway or bathroom with our stylish Wall-mounted Slipper Rack, keeping your home well-appointed and organized
  • Enjoy the Beauty of Order in your home with our size-charted PET Shoe Organizer, a wall-mounted rack that maximizes space while showcasing the beauty of each pair
  • Keep Your Shoes Dry and Well-Organized with our no-punch Wall Shoe Slipper Sandals Drain Rack, a convenient wall-mounted hanger that offers both functionality and style in any bathroom setting

Make this Wall-mounted Slipper Rack an elegant addition to any entryway or bathroom - ideal for organizing your shoe collection while simultaneously maximizing space to create a storage solution that's as beautiful as it is functional. It's a stylish way to keep your home organized and well-appointed, no matter the size or layout. Revel in the beauty of order and get ready to add a touch of luxury to your everyday.

Material: PET

Size Chart:


shoe organizer: organizer

Type: Shoe Hanger

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Shoes Organizer

MainKey6: no punch Wall Shoe Slipper Sandals Drain Rack

MainKey5: Wall Mounted Shoe Slipper Sandals Hangers

MainKey4: drain Drying Slipper Holder Organizer

MainKey3: Bathroom Slipper Hanging Rack Shoes Storage

MainKey2: Slipper Rack Hanger Shoe Organizer Wall Hanger

MainKey1: slipper rack holder

Brand Name: Serenable


Space Save: This slipper wall hanger provides more possible space saving solutions for your bathroom. Suitable for household shoes and bathroom slippers.

Free Punch: Wall mounted shoe rack is easy to install, no punching, no tool, not damage the wall, simple paste it on the smooth wall or cabinet.

Premuim Materials: Slippers storage holder is made of premuim PET material, strong bearing capacity, will not fall easily.

Multipurpose: Shoe organizer rack can create more spacious for your home. Not only for organize shoe slipper, but also can organize cable and wires, which can solve the problem of small and insufficient space.

Application: Light , trendy and fashion, this slippers storage hanger perfectly fit with, perfect for slippers, high heels, sandals, flats, casual shoes, and much more.

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