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Wall-mounted Shower Storage Rack

Wall-mounted Shower Storage Rack

Transform your bathroom into an elegant oasis with our innovative wall-mounted storage rack. No drilling installation, easy access, and clutter-free space for a sophisticated atmosphere. Made from ABS material in grey, blue, or green color options. Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom use with its 90° foldable design and drain hole feature. Comes in a sleek paper box packaging for added convenience

Introducing our Wall-mounted Shower Storage Rack, the ideal solution for a clutter-free and organized bathroom oasis. With its no drilling installation feature, you can easily transform any room into a sophisticated space without compromising on convenience. Made from high-quality ABS material, this storage rack is available in elegant Grey, calming Blue, and refreshing Green colors to suit your personal style. Its compact size of 30*13.5*3.5 cm makes it perfect for kitchen, bathroom or bedroom use. The 90° foldable design ensures easy access to your bathroom accessories while the drain hole design prevents water buildup and maintains cleanliness. Packaged in a sturdy paper box, this wall-mounted storage rack guarantees durability and functionality while adding an elegant atmosphere to your living space. Overall length: A succinct yet comprehensive description that highlights key features enhances customer understanding of the product before making a purchasing decision. Leverage variations of sentences: To maintain reader engagement throughout the copywriting process and avoid monotony. Avoiding specific terms: By avoiding common words such as "warranty", "guarantee", etc., we imbue credibility through omission. Professional tone: Establishing trustworthiness by adopting an authoritative voice in line with proper grammar rules and accurate spelling usage

  • Transform your bathroom into a sophisticated oasis with our no-drilling installation wall-mounted storage rack, made from high-quality ABS material in grey, blue, or green colors to match any decor
  • Maximize space utilization and achieve a room transformation with our 30*1
  • 5 cm sized wall-mounted storage rack that features a 90° foldable design and drain hole for efficient use in kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms
  • Enjoy the practicality of paper box packaging along with the functional benefits of our wall-mounted shower storage rack which offers an easy

Adorn your shower with this tasteful, Wall-mounted Storage Rack, requiring no drilling for installation. Shelves and a drain ensure all of your bathroom accessories remain organized and within reach, providing an elegant atmosphere for your bathing experience. A bathroom oasis awaits with this luxurious storage rack, freeing up your space from clutter and transforming the room into a space of relaxation. Enjoy the convenience of easy access to your products while adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

Materials: ABS

Color: Grey, Blue, Green

Size: 30*13.5*3.5cm

Paper box packaging

For Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom

- 90° Foldable Design

- Drain Hole Design

- Easy To Storage

- Easy Installation

Type F: Bathroom Rack

Type E: Toilet Shampoo Holder Self Adhesive

Type D: Foldable Shower Storage Rack

Type C: Toilet Shampoo Holder Punch-free

Type A: Bath Accessorie

Type: Rack Punch-free

Origin: Mainland China

No. of Tiers: single

Material: PA+PE

Installation Type: Wall Mounted Type

Feature E: Bath Accessorie

Feature D: Wall Storage Rack ABS

Feature C: Bathroom Makeup Organizer

Feature B: Shelves Punch-free

Feature A: Toilet Washstand Kitchen Rack

Feature 7: Bathroom Storage

Feature 6: For Shampoo

Feature 5: Wall-mounted

Feature 3: Kitchen Accessories

Feature 2: Makeup Organizer Wall-mounted

Feature 1: Bath Accessorie For Shampoo


90° Foldable Design: Foldable kitchen/bathroom storage rack. It can meet different needs, can be a large capacity storage.

Ventilated Drain: Create a healthy environment, keep it dry, drain holes are evenly distributed, and it is healthier not to collect water.Prevent from growing in stagnant water, easy to ventilate and dry, bottom leaching design, can drain well.

Easy To Storage: Easy-to-store cleaning utensils, such as dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer, ball brush, etc. It is comfortable to handle at an appropriate height, and convenient for daily cleaning.

Easy Installation: No punching design, no punching, no damage to the wall, suitable for kitchen or bathroom.Humanized design, easy to remove and wash.Made of ABS material,it is more stable and does not shake.

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