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Wall-Mounted Mop Holder Rack

Wall-Mounted Mop Holder Rack

Wall-Mounted Mop Holder Rack

Experience the thrill of a truly efficient cleaning spree with our innovative Wall-Mounted Mop Holder Rack.

Efficient Organization and Storage

  • Multi-purpose hooks and anti-slip mop clip for seamless cleaning
  • Maximize space utilization and keep cleaning essentials within reach

Durable and Reliable

  • Crafted from high-quality PET+ABS+TPR materials for undeniable durability and strength
  • Waterproof hanging feature for long-lasting use without worry of damage
  • Suction cup mop buckle for strong load-bearing capacity, even for heavy-duty mops

Flexible and Convenient

  • Easy installation and relocation with disassembly feature
  • Available in three stylish color options: white, transparent, and gray

Perfect for Home and Business

The Wall-Mounted Mop Holder Rack is not only ideal for keeping your home tidy, but it also offers great wholesale/drop-shipping opportunities for businesses seeking storage holders & racks.

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