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Vertical Hair Dryer

Vertical Hair Dryer

Experience the convenience and innovation of the Negative Ion Remote Control Vertical Hair Dryer. Say goodbye to traditional hair dryers and revolutionize your hair care routine with this cutting-edge household gadget.

Efficient Hair Care

  • Utilizes negative ion technology for efficient and effective hair care
  • Offers cold and hot air settings for versatile styling
  • Features temperature regulating gear with 3 different settings

Convenient Design

  • Remote control operation for added convenience
  • No-handle design for easy storage and space-saving
  • Long thread length of 1.5m-3m for flexibility during use

Powerful Performance

  • Boasts a maximum power of 1700W for quick drying
  • Equipped with 3 air volume gears for personalized styling
  • Certified with CE for quality and safety assurance

Elevate your hair styling experience with the Vertical Hair Dryer - your ultimate hair care companion.