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Vacuum Sealing Machine

Vacuum Sealing Machine

Preserve the flavors and extend the shelf life of your favorite meals with our innovative Vacuum Sealing Machine. Expertly designed for culinary connoisseurs, it offers convenience, reliability, and time-saving mastery in every kitchen. Trust the ABS construction, maximum sealing capabilities, precise sealing time and width settings to keep your food items fresh for longer. Crafted with a Ni-Cr alloy heating wire and certified by CE, this top-quality sealer from Reup is proudly made in Mainland China

Introducing the Household Plastic Automatic Electric Vacuum Sealer, a game-changer in freshness preservation and packing bag technology. Designed for culinary connoisseurs who understand the importance of preserving flavor, quality, and extending shelf life, this cutting-edge machine is an absolute must-have for anyone passionate about food. Offering unparalleled convenience and reliability, it is a time-saving tool that will elevate your kitchen mastery to new heights - just like professional chefs do. From families wanting to keep their favorite snacks and meals fresh to individuals seeking to maximize the potential of their ingredients, this Vacuum Sealing Machine ensures optimal results every time. Crafted with ABS material for maximum sealing efficiency, its specifications such as sealing time and width can be easily customized according to your needs. With its compact size and lightweight design, it seamlessly blends into any kitchen setup without compromising functionality. Equipped with a Ni-Cr alloy heating wire for enhanced performance, each unit proudly originates from Mainland China where meticulous craftsmanship meets modern innovation. Rest assured knowing that this product has acquired CE certification - guaranteeing world-class safety standards are met at all times. Choose Reup as your trusted brand name when investing in top-of-the-line vacuum sealing technology

  • Enhance freshness and extend shelf life of your favorite food items with our Household Plastic Automatic Electric Vacuum Sealers
  • Experience the convenience and reliability of our Vacuum Sealing Machine, saving you time in the kitchen
  • Preserve the flavor and quality of your meals like professional chefs and culinary connoisseurs with our packing bag machine
  • Made from high-quality ABS material, our Vacuum Sealing Machine ensures maximum sealing performance for all your needs

Household Plastic Automatic Electric Vacuum Sealers, offering home cookery freshness preservation and packing bag machine solutions for culinary connoisseurs, preserve the flavor, quality, and shelf life of food items with ease. Enjoy the convenience, reliability, and time-saving of household convenience and kitchen mastery with these automatic electric vacuum sealers. Perfect for professional chefs and families alike, these sealers will help you keep your favorite snacks and meals fresh for longer.

Product Name: Vacuum Sealing Machine

Material: ABS

Maximum sealing: 300mm

Sealing time: 10-20s

Sealing width: 3mm

Size: 380*150*68mm

Weight: about 620g

Heating wire: Ni-Cr alloy

Sealing time: 10-20s

Origin: Mainland China

Maximum sealing: 300mm

Material: ABS

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Reup


Intelligent preservation: just press it lightly, from suction to sealing, without manual intervention, men, women, old and young can operate easily.

One machine to do: dry and wet powder oil is soft and crisp, saying goodbye to messy ingredients without flavor

Point pumping and sealing: maintain the integrity of fragile ingredients, and seal the air a little bit without pressure.

Strong suction: adopt a new generation of technology to quickly drive the vacuum pump

Silent operation: powerful inner core, energy saving and noise reduction

Deaeration and Fresh Locking: Evacuating the oxygen in the food, delaying the oxidation of the food, maintaining the color, locking the water in the food without loss, and maintaining the original taste.

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