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USB Juicer Juice Separator

USB Juicer Juice Separator

Indulge in the unrivaled convenience of our USB Juicer Juice Separator, a wireless marvel for slow juicing oranges and lemons.

Discover the epitome of juicing excellence with our cutting-edge USB Juicer Juice Separator. Say goodbye to traditional corded juicers and embrace a wireless revolution that offers unparalleled convenience and freedom in your kitchen. With its innovative design, this slow juicer is specifically crafted for health enthusiasts who value efficiency without compromising on taste or nutrition. The USB Juicer Juice Separator guarantees optimal juice extraction from various fruits, including oranges and lemons. Powered by advanced motor technology, every drop of juice is extracted while preserving essential nutrients through a gentle extraction process. Indulge in deliciously fresh beverages bursting with vitamins and natural goodness at the touch of a button. Constructed using premium materials and engineered to perfection, our orange and lemon juicer not only delivers outstanding performance but also adds an element of sophistication to your kitchen countertop. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into any decor style, making it an attractive addition to your culinary space. Experience the harmonious blend of innovation and simplicity as you embark on a journey towards healthier living with our exceptional USB Juicer Juice Separator - where ultimate convenience meets uncompromising quality!

  • Enhance your health with the USB Juicer's slow juicing technology, extracting every nutrient from fruits for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Say goodbye to bulky and complicated juicers
  • Our compact USB Juicer Juice Separator offers simplicity and efficiency in one sleek design

1500mAh Wireless Slow Juicer Orange Lemon Juicer Juice Separator Portable USB Charge Fruit Extractor Squeezer Pressure Juicers.

Voltage: DC7.4V

Type: Citrus Juicer

Speed Adjustment: No Selection

Shape of Charging Port: Round

Rating (Rpm): 15001-18000Rpm

Power (W): <200W

Power: 45W

Origin: Mainland China

Name: electric slow juicer

Model Number: MD-GZJ02-C

Laying Method: Mini

Housing Material: Food Grade ABS

Function: Juicing

Feature 2: 100% Pure juice

Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 11x5.5x4.3in

Charging Port Shape: Round

Certification: 3C

Capacity: <500ml

Capacity: 150ml

Brand Name: Dobleuno

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

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