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Upgrade Xiaomi Knife Block

Upgrade Xiaomi Knife Block

Enhance your culinary experience with the Xiaomi Youpin Morphy Richards Knife Block - a cutting-edge solution for storage, UV sterilization, and drying

Introducing the Upgrade Xiaomi Knife Block, a revolutionary addition to your kitchen arsenal. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this knife block seamlessly combines innovative technology and functionality. Designed in collaboration with Xiaomi Youpin and Morphy Richards, this cutting-edge storage solution not only keeps your knives organized but also takes hygiene to another level. Equipped with a UV sterilizer and dryer, it effectively eliminates harmful bacteria from your blades while ensuring they stay dry after use. Experience the epitome of convenience and cleanliness with the Upgrade Xiaomi Knife Block - a must-have for any modern culinary enthusiast seeking optimal food preparation standards

  • Enhance food safety with the Xiaomi Youpin Morphy Richards Knife Block's built-in UV sterilizer and dryer
  • Streamline your kitchen organization by conveniently storing knives, cutting boards, and utensils in one compact unit
  • Extend the lifespan of your knives and cutting boards with the UV sterilization feature that eliminates harmful bacteria

Unlock the world of stylish culinary creativity with the Upgraded Xiaomi Youpin Morphy Richards Knife and Cutting Board Storage, boasting an integrated UV Sterilizer and Dryer.


Model: MR1001

Material: Plastic

Voltage: 220V-240V (50Hz-60Hz)

Power: 130W

Net weight: 2.23 kg

Size: 23.5 × 36.2 × 17.5 cm

Package includes:

1 pcs × Storage Box

3 pcs × Cutting Board

Color: White

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Morphy Richards Cutting Board

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Xiaomi Youpin Morphy Richards

Product Name: Xiaomi Youpin Morphy Richards Knife Cutting Board Sterilizer


Double sterilization, certified by the Microbiological Analysis and Monitoring Center, killing rate> 99.9%

One-key start UV deep sterilization, 200-300 nm ultraviolet ray wrap, effectively kill stubborn bacteria

Hot air drying, high temperature thermal cycle, PTC constant humidity heating, 360° cycle full sterilization

Do not choose the knife type, home knives can be sterilized

Storage of the whole machine, beautiful and not occupying space

The easy-to-clean, blade-friendly cutting surface has a chipped edge that's slip-resistant.

Easy access plastic storage box with non-slip base

Set of 3 Color Coded Indexed Plastic Cutting Boards

Designed to prevent cross contamination of different types of food.

200-300 nm deep ultraviolet light, 99% antibacterial

Dry thermal cycle 65°~

Removable water tank

Input filter

Food safe and BPA free.