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Underwear Washing Machine

Underwear Washing Machine

YOUPIN Suanglng Mini washing machine sterilization and care of underwear. Dormitory Travel Washing Machine for Socks, Underwear Washer Panties Washing Machine 


Origin: Mainland China

Brand name: Suanglng

Product name: Automatic laundry washing machine

Certification: UL

Product model: JC-B19

Rated power: 20W

Rated voltage: DC12v

Product size: 260*260*285mm

Product net weight: 2.44kg


Certification: UL

Brand Name: SUANGLNG

Color: Rose purple, Moonlight White

The main function:

1. Ozone disinfection

2. UV sterilization

3. Remove odor

4.Automatic cleaning and dehydration

5.Anti-entanglement of clothing

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