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Underwear Washer Dryer

Underwear Washer Dryer

Underwear washer dryer with folding bucket. Mini Travel Foldable Washer Dryer for Socks Underwear Cleaning. Laundry Appliances. Washing Machines


Product Category: Laundry Appliances

Product Type: Washing Machines

Name: Folding Washing Machine with Automatic Sanitizing Dryer

Material: environmental protection abs, electronic components

Rated frequency: 50/60hz

Rated washing capacity: 6L

Rated voltage: 220v

Rated power: 12w

Working method: pulsator

Specifications: Antibacterial Blue Light + Drain Basket

Size: unfolded 29*29*40cm folded 28*28*18cm


Built-in washing and draining, single drain basket, soft clothes, used in conjunction with the drain program, gently separates residual moisture from clothes, prevents clothes from being pulled out and deformed due to severe dehydration, three-speed intelligent timing , to meet your different needs, three-speed timing adjustment, please choose according to the level of clothing.

Positive and negative pulsation simulates handwashing, 360° gentle and deep washing does not hurt clothes, imitation handwashing pulsation cooperates with precise washing speed, simulates shock, friction and shaking during the handwashing process, strong decontamination, gently turn the clothes, clothes clean and not injured, than handwashing.

Foldable design, does not take up space, can be easily stored in the living room, balcony, laundry room with one click.

Gold panning capacity, single-wash underwear, gold panning capacity of 1 kg, baby clothes and underwear can be changed at any time every day, say goodbye to accumulation and wash easily separately.

Automatic disinfection with blue light, drain and dry.