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Underwear Storage Box

Underwear Storage Box

Keep your delicates in pristine condition with our innovative Underwear Storage Box - the perfect solution for dust-free organization of bras, socks, and panties!

As I rummaged through my cluttered dresser for the hundredth time, sighing in frustration at the tangle of bras and panties strewn haphazardly amongst socks and other random items, I knew it was time for a change. That's when I discovered the Underwear Storage Box. With its dustproof design specifically crafted to keep my delicate intimates clean and organized, this sleek bra organizer eliminated all guesswork from locating exactly what I needed in seconds flat. No longer did mornings become battles with stubborn drawers; now every piece had a designated spot that fits perfectly into any closet or storage area- making life just a little bit easier (and less stressful)

  • Keep your underwear organized and easily accessible with our dustproof storage box
  • Our bra organizer keeps your bras in shape, preventing them from getting squished or damaged
  • Say goodbye to messy sock drawers
  • Our socks organizer ensures that each pair stays together and neatly folded

Sturdy Underwear Storage Box with Lid. 1, 16, 24 Grid Dust Proof Underwear Organizer Box, for Bra, Socks, Panties, Stockings. Clothing & Closet Storage


Product Category: Storage & Organization

Product Type:  Clothing & Closet Storage

Color: Yellow

Number of grids: 1 grid (Holds 7 bras) / 16 grids (Holds 16 pairs of panties) / 24 grids (Holds 24 pairs of socks)

Size: 34*25.5*12cm

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Brand Name: OIMG


1. Independent division, orderly induction, 1 item in 1 grid

2. Transparent visualization window, clear classification, easy access, clear at a glance

3. Independently placed, clean and hygienic. The bottom anti-skid pad design is stable and non-slip, and it will not fall when tilted.

4. Classification labels, easy to find objects. The partition can be freely disassembled.

5. Smooth opening and closing, no stuck, high-quality material, sturdy and durable.


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