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Ultra Quiet Floor Fan

Ultra Quiet Floor Fan

Ultra Quiet Floor Fan

Experience the epitome of tranquility with our Ultra Quiet Floor Fan. Designed to create a peaceful environment, this fan is perfect for any setting where silence is cherished.

Key Features:

  • Ultra quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere
  • Tower-like structure for optimal air circulation
  • Natural wind capabilities that mimic the soothing sensation of sleep winds
  • Water-shortage power-off protection for safety
  • Voltage control mechanisms for added safety
  • Timing functionality for convenience
  • Negative ion purification technology for improved air quality
  • Intelligent rotary vane quantity and reverse rotating function for versatility
  • Suspender length options for personalized convenience


  • Enjoy a peaceful environment with the ultra-quiet operation of our floor fan
  • Stay cool and comfortable in various settings, such as dormitories and desks
  • Experience the refreshing sensation of natural winds for a restful sleep
  • Ensure safety with water-shortage power-off protection and intelligent bladeless technology
  • Improve air quality with negative ion purification technology
  • Customize your cooling experience with the intelligent rotary vane quantity and reverse rotating function
  • Conveniently adjust the fan's height with suspender length options

Say goodbye to traditional fans and discover the future of breezy comfort with our safe and intelligent bladeless Ultra Quiet Floor Fan. Experience tranquility like never before with this technologically advanced fan from Keheal!

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