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Ultra Quiet Floor Fan

Ultra Quiet Floor Fan

Experience the epitome of tranquility with our Keheal Air Purification Circulation Bladeless Fan - the ultra-quiet solution for a peaceful environment.

Introducing the Keheal Air Purification Circulation Bladeless Fan, your ultimate solution for a refreshing and serene environment. This ultra-quiet floor fan is designed to cater to diverse needs including dormitory desks, home usage, and air cooling fan purposes. With its tower-like structure and natural wind capabilities, it effortlessly circulates prevailing winds that mimic the soothing sensation of sleep winds. Equipped with water-shortage power-off protection and voltage control mechanisms, this technologically advanced fan ensures safety at all times. Featuring a variety of functions such as timing functionality and negative ion purification technology, it provides an unparalleled cooling experience while maintaining an optimal level of air quality in any room setting. The intelligent rotary vane quantity and reverse rotating function offer versatility like never before while suspender length options guarantee convenience tailored to your specific requirements. Say goodbye to traditional fans - discover the future of breezy comfort with our safe bladeless innovation from Keheal!

  • Enjoy a peaceful environment with the ultra-quiet Keheal Air Purification Circulation Bladeless Fan
  • Stay cool and comfortable in your dormitory or at your desk with this powerful floor electric fan
  • Experience natural, refreshing winds for a restful sleep with the prevailing wind feature of this tower fan
  • Ensure safety and convenience with water-shortage power-off protection and intelligent bladeless technology

Keheal Air Purification Circulation Bladeless Fan Ultra-Quiet Dormitory Desk Floor Electric Fan Tower Fan Bladeless Fan Room Fan

Wind Type: Natural Wind, Sleep Wind, Prevailing Wind

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: No

Voltage (V): 220V

Usage: Home

Type: Air Cooling Fan

Type: Cooling Only

Timing Function: >7.5 hours

Technology: Negative Ion

Suspender Length: No Suspender

Size: <1050MM

Rotation Way: Left & Right

Rotary Vane Quantity: Without Vane

Reverse Rotating Function: No

Safe and intelligent bladeless fan | second generation

Soothing cool natural wind

Quiet 25dB|Air volume 1100L/sec|Double purification

Remote Control Function: Yes

Power Source: AC

Power (W): 35W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Keheal Ion Leafless Fan

Max. Timing Limit: >8 hours

Max. Power: 20-69W

Material: Other

Installation: Bladeless Fan

Fan Speed: Other

Controlling Mode: Remote Controlled

Certification: CSA

Certification: CB

Brand Name: Melario

Application: 10-15㎡

Air supply mode: Other


Safe and intelligent bladeless fan | second generation

Soothing cool natural wind

Quiet 25dB|Air volume 1100L/sec|Double purification

Gentle and comfortable: If you are in the lotus pavilion and enjoy the soft wind

wrapping, the whole body is evenly cooled and instantly cool

The breeze lingers in the corner of the hall

The straight air supply distance can reach 5-10 meters

Suitable for bedroom and living room, enjoy the breeze anytime, anywhere

Air conditioning companion, full air volume to cool the whole house

Use with air conditioners to speed up indoor balanced cooling

10 meters of air supply distance, the wind covers the whole house

12 gears are optional, and the furthest air supply distance can reach 10 meters

Silent night sleep with the wind

The low-grade wind sounds like whispering whispers

180° sine wave DC brushless motor Combined with innovative noise reduction system,to achieve mute

The wind moves with the temperature, and it is not easy to catch a cold at night

One key to open, the wind speed changes intelligently with the room temperature,

For every 1 degree drop in room temperature, the wind speed decreases by 1 gear

Smart and energy-saving 3 kWh of electricity in a summer

1st gear power consumption is only 3 watts, 3 kWh of electricity in one summer, intelligent inverter operation, 20 kWh of electricity in one summer

Interaction without bending, innovative humanistic design

Visual control panel, the running status of the machine is clear at a glance

Double purification system keeps the air clean

Clean smoke, remove odor, settle aerosol, peculiar smell, remove sea sterilization, adsorb formaldehyde, bacteria

Pingting is independent and does not leave any security risks

Leafless design plus multiple detail protection, you can touch anywhere on the fuselage

Wide-angle air supply custom soft wind coverage area

50°, 80°, 120° three angles, a variety of wide-angle modes to choose from

The details are more intimate design

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