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Tortilla Press Maker

Tortilla Press Maker

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About this item

Aluminum press for dough to make tortillas. Tortilla making machine. Dough pressing tool. Kitchen tools and utensils. Pasta molds and stamps


Type: Pasta Molds & Stamps

Collection: Kitchen & Dining

Type: Pasta Molds & Stamps 

Type: Pie Tools

Pie Tools Type: Pie Boards

Origin: Mainland China


Surface non‑stick treatment, easy to demould, easy to clean, and can keep the tortilla intact.

Adopts heavy‑duty aluminium alloy, which is durable and long‑lasting, can produce uniform pressure.

Multifunctional, very suitable for making tortillas, biscuits, grilled meats, pies, patties, pizza, etc.

Easy to use, knead the dough into a ball, place it on the base, and press it down with a hinged rod to form a round dough skin.

With a diameter of 6.5 inches and a large weight, it can be squeezed evenly to make a.

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