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Tabletop Range Hood

Tabletop Range Hood

Experience culinary perfection with our Mini Tabletop Range Hood. The 2-speed extractor fan, powered by a 6DC 24V motor, effortlessly eliminates smoke and odors while maintaining a noise level of less than 55dB. Crafted from durable ABS material in sleek white or black options, this compact marvel adds style to your kitchen setup. With its low power consumption of just 40W and wind speeds up to 3600RPM, its the epitome of efficiency. Elevate your cooking game with the Desktop Range Hood - an unrivaled blend of performance and sophistication

. Say goodbye to the days of smoke-filled kitchens and stubborn odors lingering in the air with this exceptional Mini Tabletop Extractor Hood. With its compact size and versatile design, it seamlessly fits onto any tabletop, becoming a striking centerpiece that enhances both functionality and style in your kitchen. But don't be fooled by its captivating appearance; this extractor hood is built for performance. Powered by a 24V voltage system and consuming only 40W of power, it effortlessly delivers a powerful wind speed with minimal noise disruption, ensuring that your cooking experience remains serene and undisturbed at all times. The remarkable features of this Mini Tabletop Extractor Hood extend beyond efficiency - they prioritize your health as well. Equipped with a robust 2-speed extractor fan, it efficiently eliminates smoke and unwanted odors from even the most demanding culinary endeavors. The advanced filter system guarantees clean air circulation by capturing airborne particles that compromise air quality. Crafted meticulously using ABS material renowned for resilience and longevity, you can rest assured that the durability of this product will exceed expectations over time. Choose between timeless White or sleek Black variations to complement your kitchen's aesthetic effortlessly. Dive into an immersive culinary journey where tradition meets innovation through Mainland China origin craftsmanship excellence paired with cutting-edge technology embodied in every detail of the N0PF5CC200425 model number – encapsulated within sturdy plastic housing designed to withstand years of dependable use. Don't miss out on enhancing not only your cooking space but also your overall kitchen experience - seize the opportunity now to own this extraordinary Mini Tabletop Extractor Hood!

  • Optimal Ventilation: The 2-speed extractor fan of the mini tabletop extractor hood ensures efficient air circulation in your kitchen, eliminating odors and smoke from hot pot or barbecue cooking
  • Quiet Operation: With a noise level lower than 55dB, this range hood creates a serene cooking environment, allowing you to focus on preparing meals without disturbing your household
  • Sleek Design: Crafted from durable ABS material and available in white or black, this tabletop range hood adds an elegant touch to any kitchen setting while effectively removing airborne impurities

Mini tabletop extractor hood with 2-speed extractor fan Extractor hood with filter

Rated : 6DC 24V

Speed: 2600/3600RPM

Noise: < 55dB

Rated power: 40W

Wind speed Hot pot/barbecue

Color: White, Black


Size:As Picture Shows


Voltage (V): 24V

Power (W): 40w

Origin: Mainland China

Noise: 41-50dB

Model Number: N0PF5CC200425

Housing: Plastic

Exhaust Type: Non-Vented

Brand Name: OOTDTY 


The separation of water and oil can only see air and no oil, and the separation of water and oil through three-dimensional micro-pores can carefully filter and cook the grease in the oil and oil.

Active filter layer removes odors and releases air.

Low noise operation, let talk about life without .

Straight line smoke does not turn more smooth smoke , suction, smoke filter layer, outlet in the same straight line.

High appearance level, small waist, light and convenient, on the go.

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