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Swivel Handbag Hook

Swivel Handbag Hook


Name: Rotating Handbag Hook

Material: PP, metal

Size: about 16.5 × 9.5 × 7 cm  / 6.5 × 3.7 × 2.75 Inch.

Suitable for: wallets, handbags, backpacks and small items such as necklaces and belts

Origin: Mainland China

 Material: Stainless Steel

Material: PP, metal

Package includes:

1 pcs × Rotating Handbag Hook


Our Rotating Handbag Hook is made of high-quality durable material, lightweight but strong, with a hanging hole at the bottom of the hook, so you can connect multiple hooks together and reuse the vertical space in your wardrobe.


With Curved Design:The Rotating Handbag Hook is designed with a curved shape to prevent your valuables from wrinkling or bending. Put your small items where they belong, and say goodbye to messy closets.

Large Load-bearing Capacity:The Rotating Bag Hook is sturdy and has a large load-bearing capacity, which can bear up to 4kg of weight, no matter what items are stored, you don't have to worry about the hook breaking.

Reliable Material:Our Rotating Hanger Rack is made of high-quality and durable PP and metal, lightweight but strong, without any bad smell, and 100% safe.

Stackable Design:The Rotating Handbag Hanger has a hanging hole at the bottom, so you can connect multiple hooks together to reuse the vertical space of the wardrobe.

Simple to Use: With the Rotating Hook Hanger, you don't need to drill holes in your beautiful house, the surface is smooth, just scrub it to keep it clean. It can also be carried in a suitcase when going out.

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