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Storage Rice Tank

Storage Rice Tank

Collapsible rice storage bucket with lid. Insect proof grain flour storage box. sealed jar. Cereal organizer containers. 


Type: Food Storage Containers

Style: Modern

Package Includes: 1 x Rice Bucket

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PP

Keyword 3: Box storage

Keyword 2: Kitchen organizer

Keyword 1: Plastic storage container

Product Name: Folding Rice Bucket

Material: TPR+PP

Size: After folding: 43 * 25.8 * 20 cm

Size: Before folding: 43 * 25.8 * 9 cm

Color: yellow, pink. green

Package Includes: 1 x Rice Bucket


1. Using TRP and PP materials, strong toughness, can be folded repeatedly without breaking easily, and can be used for a long time.

2. Built-in sealed moisture-proof box to prevent moisture and pests and keep food dry and fresh.

3. Foldable design, larger storage capacity, small footprint, and more convenient placement.

4. The transparent sliding cover on the top allows you to see the inside of the box, which can be used to store soybeans, flour, corn or other grains.

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