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Steel Drain Dish Rack

Steel Drain Dish Rack

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Experience the epitome of modern luxury with our sleek stainless steel drain dish rack, revolutionizing kitchen organization.

Introducing the Steel Drain Dish Rack, an epitome of sleek design and practicality in the realm of kitchen accessories. Crafted with modern luxury in mind, this remarkable storage solution is made from high-quality stainless steel material sourced from Mainland China. With its large capacity and versatile structure, it effortlessly accommodates various essentials such as seasoning jars, utensils, knives, and more. The utility removable hooks combined with a stepped design allow for easy organization within cabinets or a free-standing spice shelf. Not limited to the kitchen alone, this sturdy construction adorned with powder coating and square legs can also serve as an efficient seasoning rack for cosmetics like lotion or shampoo in bathrooms or canned goods in pantries - truly exemplifying its multi-functionality capabilities. Embrace true elegance intertwined with convenience by investing in this exceptional Steel Drain Dish Rack today!

  • The Steel Drain Dish Rack offers a sleek and practical solution for organizing your kitchen accessories, such as seasoning jars, utensils, and knives
  • With its large capacity and sturdy construction made from heavy-duty steel material with powder coating, this dish rack ensures durability and longevity
  • The multi-functionality of this stainless steel storage rack extends beyond the kitchen
  • It can also be used to organize cosmetics, canned goods, lotion, shampoo, and bathroom accessories
  • Designed with utility removable hooks and a stepped design for easy access to items stored in cabinets or on countertops

Boasting three tiers of polished stainless steel storage, this sophisticated rack provides a sophisticated way to organize your kitchen accessories, from seasoning jars to utensils and knives. This sleek and stylish design is the ultimate in convenience and practicality - store and organize your space with ease, while adding a touch of modern luxury to your kitchen.

Origin: Mainland China

Metal Type: Stainless steel

Size: 56 * 50 * 20 cm

Material: Metal


— Large Capacity: Size of the space saving storage. The spice rack organizer for cabinet pluses extra 6 Utility removable hooks for utensils

— Unique Stepped Design: 2/3-layer stepped design on the free-standing spice shelf. Convenient to see what's inside the kitchen spice rack, and quickly locate the one you want on the spice organizer

— Sturdy Construction: The kitchen countertop organizer is made of heavy-duty steel material with powder coating, durable and easy to clean. The square legs of seasoning rack are thicker and enough strong to load up to 35lb

— Multi-Function: Using spice rack for countertop ideals for storing spice jars, seasoning, cosmetics, canned goods or lotion, shampoo and bathroom accessories, etc. Renovate your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom with the spice organizer storage rack for plenty of counter space and a beautiful rustic look

— Easy Assembly: Use the included L-wrench, you can assemble the shelves for spices within 5 minutes by following the instructions

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