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Steamed dumpling making mold

Steamed dumpling making mold

Unlock your culinary creativity with our durable and efficient steamed dumpling making mold - the must-have tool for delicious homemade stuffed buns!

Introducing the Steamed Dumpling Making Mold, your ultimate tool for creating delicious and authentic steamed dumplings right at home. This steamed baking pastry tool is designed to make the process of making stuffed buns a breeze, allowing you to indulge in homemade culinary delights without any hassle. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this DIY baking tool boasts an easy and efficient operation that will change your cooking game forever. Made from a durable metal construction, this mold guarantees longevity and endurance that will last for years on end. Its non-stick surface ensures effortless release of every dumpling you create, leaving them intact and perfectly shaped each time. With a weight of 45g and dimensions of 9.5X3.5CM, it provides optimal convenience for handling while maintaining consistent results throughout your cooking experience. Manufactured by OOTDTY brand in Mainland China, this steamed dumpling making mold prides itself on using high-quality plastic material which enables reliable performance along with its versatility in creating other delicacies such as moon cakes. Take control of your kitchen today with this indispensable baking & pastry tool that promises to elevate your culinary skills effortlessly."

  • The non-stick surface of this high-quality plastic material mold ensures easy release and quick cleanup for your homemade stuffed buns
  • With its compact size and lightweight design, this 45g pastry tool from Mainland China is a must-have for any aspiring chef or home cook

Steamed dumpling making mold steamed baking pastry tool for making stuffed buns DIY This baking tool provides an easy and efficient way to make delicious dumplings in your own home. Plus, with a durable metal construction and non-stick surface, it's designed to last for years to come.

Weight: 45g

Type: Baking & Pastry Tools

Size: 9.5X3.5CM

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: KX4B13AC2003189

Material: Plastic

Material: Plastic

Kit Number: 1

Baking & Pastry Tools Type: Moon Cake Mold

Brand name: OOTDTY


Made of high-quality plastic material for durable and practical use, not easy to break.

Bun making mould is simple to operate, put the dough which contain filling, and the mold can shaping the dough.

You can simply rinse the pastry bun mould with water to remove food residues, and it is easy to clean

The bun making mould is wide application, suitable for chinese baozi, baking, pastry, etc.

Suitable for your family to make baozi and tastys food in daily life, convenient and practical

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