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Stackable Egg Storage Box

Stackable Egg Storage Box

Stackable Egg Storage Box

Introducing the Stackable Egg Storage Box, crafted from premium materials for a luxurious kitchen experience. This modern kitchen must-have features an airtight seal, providing superior freshness while optimizing storage space with its stackable design. Enjoy the convenience and elegance of our tasteful container.


  • Large capacity for storing eggs, keeping them organized and easily accessible in your refrigerator
  • Rolling type design allows for easy movement and placement within the fridge while maintaining freshness of the eggs
  • Innovative fresh keeping technology ensures that your eggs stay fresher longer than traditional egg storage methods
  • Stackable design makes storing multiple boxes even easier while maintaining optimal freshness


  • Material: PET+PP
  • Color: Green, Orange, Gray, White
  • Size: 31*16.6*16.4cm

Product Includes:

  • 1PC egg storage box


Perfect for storing and organizing eggs in your refrigerator


  • Maximize refrigerator space by efficiently stacking the boxes
  • Keeps eggs fresh for longer periods of time, reducing waste and saving on groceries
  • Easy access to eggs from any angle without having to move other items in the fridge
  • Beautiful and elegant design adds a touch of style to your kitchen
  • Durable and shock-proof construction ensures long-lasting use
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