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Spinner Drain Basket

Spinner Drain Basket

Effortlessly dry your produce with our versatile Spinner Drain Basket - a must-have for any kitchen.

Indulge in the luxury of perfectly cut and cleaned greens with the Spinner Drain Basket. This state-of-the-art Plastic Type vegetable dehydrator takes salad preparation to a whole new level, allowing you to spin-dry your leafy greens, fruits and vegetables without any hassle. Its intuitive design saves time on cleaning as it uses only one kitchen tool for rinsing and drying. This Salad Spinner is perfect for those who love healthy eating but hate cutting corners when it comes to food prep. The Spinner Drain Basket offers advanced technology that enables fast drainage while keeping your edibles fresh every time! Say goodbye to soggy salads or wet veggies - this innovative Kitchen Tool ensures that moisture levels are reduced significantly, resulting in crispier lettuce leaves and tastier meals at all times! Join the ranks of health-conscious home chefs by adding this must-have Fruit & Vegetable Tools product now!

  • Reduce food waste by removing excess moisture from fruits and vegetables
  • Save time during meal prep with the efficient spinning action of this drain basket
  • Enjoy fresher salads and crisper ingredients thanks to the dehydrating power of this tool
  • Simplify your kitchen routine with a multi-functional plastic spinner that can handle all types of produce

Colander Drainer for Washing Fruit and Salad Rotating with Hand Crank Cleaning Dehydrator Spin Dryer Drain Basket Drying Storage Kitchen Tools

Vegetable Dehydrator

Fruit & Vegetable Tools

Plastic Type: PP

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Vegetables Fruits Dryer

Blade Material: ABS


Spin Dryer

Storage Basket


Fruit Wash Clean Basket

Fruit Transparent

Material: PP polypropylene

Size: 24*24m

Salad Spinner

Press Type


1.Hands protection: Manually press vegetable dehydrator to free of your hands and quickly wash and dry fruits and vegetables without hurting your hands.

2.High speed: Using principle of lever, cover is tightly attached to water bucket, rotating at high speed and vegetable dehydrated debris is quickly thrown off. dehydration and cleaning are combined. After drying, just press button to stop.

3.Large-capacity drain basket: large-capacity drain basket with beautiful appearance has good drain effect. make of new PP material, it is safe to use.

4.Suitable occasions: elegant and clear bowl is perfect for serving, and basket can be used separately as a colander.

5.Versatile use: This dehydrator is definitely best salad bowl, lettuce cleaner and dryer and kitchen supplies!


This dehydrator is make of new PP material, it is safe to use, and it is definitely best salad bowl, lettuce cleaner and dryer and kitchen supplies!


1. Put fruits and vegetables in a wire basket for cleaning.

2. Put the basket into the sink, close the lid and prepare for dehydration

3. Press the handle to dry it.

4. After dehydration, press the store button to stop working.

5. Pour water into the basin.

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