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Soap Dish With Sponge

Soap Dish With Sponge

Introducing our Soap Dish With Sponge, the perfect bathroom accessory to enhance your daily cleansing routine. This dual-use soap holder not only keeps your soap conveniently stored but also provides a built-in sponge for easy scrubbing and washing.

Key Features:

  • Double-layer design with a dedicated space for soap and a sponge
  • Constructed with high-quality PS material for durability
  • Available in four attractive colors: white, pink, apricot, and green
  • Wall-mounted design with a non-marking adhesive patch for easy installation
  • Supports wholesale and dropshipping


  • Keeps your soap within reach and neatly organized
  • Eliminates the need for separate soap dishes and sponge holders
  • Allows efficient drainage to prevent soap from becoming soggy
  • The integrated sponge provides a convenient tool for cleaning and washing
  • Makes a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom

Use Cases:

  • Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else you use soap
  • Perfect for households, hotels, spas, and other commercial establishments
  • Great for individuals who prefer a clutter-free and organized space
  • Suitable for those who appreciate multifunctional and space-saving solutions

Elevate your bathing experience with our Soap Dish With Sponge. Say goodbye to soap residue and disorganized countertops. Order now and enjoy the convenience and functionality this product brings to your daily routine.