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Smart toilet flush sensor

Smart toilet flush sensor

Upgrade your bathroom with the exclusive and elegant USB Automatic Smart Toilet Flush Sensor. Enjoy touchless, infrared flush technology for an effortless and hygienic experience

Introducing our state-of-the-art USB Automatic Smart Toilet Flush Sensor, a game-changing device that will revolutionize your bathroom experience. This waterproof sensor is IPX5 rated, ensuring its durability even in the most demanding environments. With its touchless and infrared flush technology, you can upgrade your bathroom to a whole new level of convenience and hygiene. Its exclusive design offers an elegant feel that complements any decor seamlessly. The Smart Toilet Flush Sensor boasts exceptional features including adjustable sensing distance and time, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences effortlessly. Crafted with top-notch materials, this sensor guarantees excellent performance while remaining lightweight for easy installation. Equipped with a high-capacity battery and energy-saving capabilities, it ensures long-lasting use without compromising efficiency. Furthermore, our Smart Toilet Flush Sensor comes with various convenient specifications such as its waterproof rating which provides extra protection against water damage.IPX5 rating ensures complete resistance against water penetration from all directions, making the product more reliable. Featuring multiple charging methods, this smart device has an impressive standby time, enabling prolonged usage without constant recharging. To make things easier, the packing list includes all necessary components required for seamless installation. In addition, the product model and power supply mode are clearly stated, so customers can confidently choose the right fit for their needs. Meticulously designed, this flush sensor also highlights different colors classification making sure it fits well into diverse bathroom aesthetics. Besides, every unit undergoes rigorous certification processes, testifying compliance with industry standards. Our innovative Smart Toilet Flush Sensor stands out from competitors thanks to its intelligent sensing capability. It detects human presence effortlessly, making flushing hands-free, a welcome solution in today's hygienic conscious environment. Moreover, it alerts users when battery levels are low, promoting timely recharging. Reducing energy consumption significantly, this advanced feature results in overall energy savings. Available exclusively through us, you won't find another toilet flush sensor quite like this. With impeccable functionality combined with timeless elegance, it truly enhances your bathroom experience in ways you never thought possible

  • Upgrade your bathroom with the exclusive and elegant feel of our USB Automatic Smart Toilet Flush Sensor
  • Experience a touchless and hygienic flushing experience with the infrared flush technology of our Smart Toilet Flush Sensor
  • Enjoy the convenience of intelligent sensing, low battery alerts, and energy-saving features in our Smart Toilet Flush Sensor
  • With its waterproof rating and durable construction, our IPX5 rated Smart Toilet Flush Sensor ensures long-lasting performance in any bathroom environment

Crafted with precision, this USB Automatic Smart Toilet Flush Sensor is waterproof and IPX5 rated. Offering a touchless, infrared flush, this sophisticated accessory is the perfect way to upgrade a bathroom for an exclusive and elegant feel.

Product name: Toilet flush sensor

Sensing distance:0-10cm

Product Model:MTO1

Sensing time:0.25S(5s between each sensing)


Material:Imported abs plastic material


Battery capacity:2000mAh

Waterproof rating:ipx5

Charging method:5V 2A mrico USB

Standby time:3 months (calculated by using 25 times a day)

Packing list:

Main unit*1 Adaptable soft pad*5 Charging cable*1 Manual*1 Base backing*2(spare)

model: Automatic flush sensor


Power supply mode: Direct current current

Origin: Mainland China

Flush valve type: Urine flush valve

Communication method: Other

Classification of colors: White sky blue

Certification: CE


Intelligent sensing

Low battery alert

Energy saving

Available in two colours

Excellent material

Easy to install

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