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Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Keyless Unlock

Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Keyless Unlock

Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Keyless Unlock


Unlock your drawers with ease and security using the innovative Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock - Keyless convenience at its finest.

Key Features:

  • Keyless convenience for unlocking drawers and cabinets
  • Sleek design and advanced features
  • Gyro system for maximum speed and precision
  • Unique Slot functionality for seamless operation
  • Control Channels for convenience and efficiency
  • CE certification for peace of mind

Product Overview:

Introducing the revolutionary Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Keyless Unlock, a cutting-edge innovation straight from Mainland China. With its sleek design and advanced features, this lock is set to redefine home security. The Model Number Youpin YEELOCK guarantees top-notch performance while ensuring maximum speed and precision.

Equipped with an impressive Gyro system, this lock surpasses all expectations by effortlessly securing drawers and cabinets without the need for keys or traditional locks. Its standout feature lies in its unique Slot functionality that allows seamless operation through Control Channels, making it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and efficiency in their daily lives.

Rest assured of its quality as it comes with the prestigious Certification CE stamp, guaranteeing complete peace of mind when investing in this state-of-the-art Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Keyless Unlock solution.


  • Enhance security for your valuable possessions
  • Experience cutting-edge technology from Mainland China
  • Superior performance and reliability with the Model Number Youpin YEELOCK
  • Quick and convenient unlocking capabilities with the Max Speed Gyro feature
  • Sophisticated security with no-key unlocking, anti-theft protection, child-safe storage, and refined fingerprint locking technology
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