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Smart Curtain Closing Motor

Smart Curtain Closing Motor

Experience the pinnacle of convenience and security with our Smart Motor Switch for curtain closure. With timer controls, voice control, and safe operation, its a game-changer.

Introducing the Smart Curtain Closing Motor - a revolutionary device designed to automate and simplify the process of controlling your curtains. With its advanced smart motor switch technology, this curtain closure system offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in managing your home security and privacy needs. Equipped with timer controls, this cutting-edge motor allows you to set specific timings for opening and closing your curtains, ensuring a seamless transition from day to night or vice versa. Say goodbye to manually adjusting your curtains or worrying about them slipping off their tracks - this smart motor ensures smooth operation every time. Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic and electronic components, this sturdy device guarantees safe operation while effortlessly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room. The size chart provided ensures easy installation on various types of windows or doors. Made in mainland China using state-of-the-art technology, you can trust in its durability and longevity. Controlled remotely via a convenient mobile app or through voice commands, this automatic robot remote switch grants you unparalleled flexibility in managing your curtain control needs. Whether it's adjusting lighting levels or maintaining privacy at different times of day, with the Smart Curtain Closing Motor at hand – managing your curtains has never been so effortless. The package includes everything needed for easy installation: the main electric motor assistant control unit along with a remote control curtain motor timer chain roller assistant opener electronic curtain kit – providing everything required for seamless integration into any existing setup. Upgrade your home automation experience with our Voice Wireless Curtain Smart Electric Motor Assistant Control - revolutionize how you interact with one of life's most essential elements within your living space; controlled right at your fingertips

  • Enhance Home Security with Convenient Timer Controls for Smart Curtain Closure
  • Experience Simple and Efficient Control of Your Curtains with Remote Control Motor Switch
  • Meet Privacy Needs Easily by Controlling Curtains Remotely via Mobile App or Voice Commands

Experience effortless curtain closure with our upgraded Smart Motor Switch! Set precise timer controls for secure home security and never worry about your curtains slipping again! Enjoy simple and safe operation - experience it now!

Material: ABS Plastic + Electronic Components

Size Chart:


Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Remote Control Curtain Motor

Feature5: motor timer chain roller assistant Timer devices

Feature4: Opener Electronic curtain voice control electric

Feature3: Automatic Robot Remote Switch Voice Wireless

Feature2: Curtain Smart Electric Motor Assistant Control

Feature1: control curtains

Package Includes:

1 pcs * Host

1 pcs * USB Cable

1 pcs * Remote Control


Controlled Remotely: The curtains can be opened and closed remotely to meet your privacy needs.

Timing switch: The mobile APP the automatic switching time independently, which can arrange timing according to your work and rest, helping you better.

Suitable for:Suitable for most of curtain tracks on the market, both double and single.

Easy Installation: The humanized design is easy to install, and the installation is simple, just , ordinary curtains become in seconds.

Application: Can be used in bedroom, living room, hotel and other occasions.

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