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Smart Cleaning Mop

Smart Cleaning Mop

Experience the future of floor cleaning with our intelligent spin mop, designed for effortless and efficient cleaning.

Introducing the Smart Cleaning Mop, a cutting-edge innovation in floor cleaning technology. This intelligent floor cleaner is equipped with state-of-the-art features to revolutionize your household cleaning routine. Say goodbye to traditional methods of waxing and disinfecting floors - this mop does it all. The Smart Cleaning Mop boasts a high-quality microfiber spin mop that effortlessly glides across any surface, whether it's hardwood, tile, or laminate. Thanks to its self-cleaning and wringing method, you can maintain a pristine clean without getting your hands dirty. Powered by a long-lasting battery with an impressive working time, this household cleaner ensures efficient performance every time. With its large water tank capacity and charger specifications tailored for convenience, you won't have to interrupt your cleaning flow quite as often. The pole length is adjustable according to your needs while the mop head size provides maximum coverage area for quick yet thorough results. Despite its powerful capabilities, this smart cleaner remains lightweight for easy maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces. Included in the package are essential power tool parts such as handle switches so that you can customize settings based on your preferences or room space selection requirements. The product dimensions ensure compact storage when not in use while the durable pole material guarantees long-term usability without wear-and-tear concerns. Furthermore, this versatile mop comes complete with various cleaning pads including those specifically designed for polishing purposes - giving you ultimate flexibility depending on the type of flooring surface being tackled. Rest assured knowing that each unit carefully undergoes meticulous testing before leaving our facilities at their place of origin - ensuring optimal quality control standards are met consistently. Upgrade your mopping experience today with the Smart Cleaning Mop – where technology meets efficiency!

  • Effortlessly achieve spotless floors with the Smart Cleaning Mop's intelligent self-cleaning and wringing method
  • Experience ultimate convenience with the long-lasting battery, extended working time, and ample water tank capacity of the Smart Cleaning Mop
  • Enjoy versatile cleaning options for all floor types thanks to the adjustable pole length, varied mop head sizes, and interchangeable cleaning pads included in every package
  • Trust in the superior quality of this all-season household cleaner made from durable materials sourced from its place of origin

Dual Wireless Smart Spinning Pulverization Mop. BOOMJOY 2022 Smart Household Cleaning Spray Mop Microfiber Electric Spin Mop With Self Cleaning. Type: Mops.


Wringing Method: Four-side Wringing Type

Product Name: BOOMJOY Household Intelligent Floor Cleaner

Model Number: JCD005

Battery: 2600mAh

Working Time: 35mins

Water Tank capacity: 1500ml

Charger Specification

Input:100-240V 0.5A

Size: Pole Length: 136 cm, Mop Head Size:36 × 10 cm

Weight: >6.1kg

Unit pack size: 66.7 × 25.6 × 20.7 cm

Package includes:

1 pcs × Smart Cleaning Mop

Type: Power Tool Parts

Type: Handle Switch

Season: All-Season

Room Space Selection: Support

Product name: New Intelligent floor washer mop wipe floor cleaner

Product Dimension: 430*230*1220 mm

Pole Material: Aluminum

Place of Origin: China

Pad: cleaning pad & polish pad

Packing: 1set/color box

Packaging: With 1 Mophead

Origin: Mainland China

Occasion Selection: Not Support

Mop Head Material: Microfibre Fabric

Material: PP+ABS+Alu.+Microfiber

Keywords: floor cleaning, wax, disinfectant floor

Holiday Selection: Not Support

Function: Spray, wipe intelligent floor cleaner

Feature: Sustainable, Stocked

Design Style: Minimalist, Modern

Dehydration Rate: 90% -100%

Component Type: Metal Basket + Metal Pedal

Capacity: 301-500ml

Absorption: <10 seconds

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