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Smart Automatic Rice Cooker Machine

Smart Automatic Rice Cooker Machine

Food Cookers & SteamersFood Cookers & SteamersExperience the culinary revolution with our Smart Automatic Rice Cooker Machine - a fully automatic marvel powered by a motherboard robot. Embrace the future of cooking smart!

Introducing the Smart Automatic Rice Cooker Machine, a household appliance that takes cooking to a whole new level of convenience and efficiency. This fully automatic marvel is equipped with a high-tech motherboard robot, ensuring precise and flawless cooking every time. Say goodbye to undercooked or burnt rice! With its advanced technology, this electric rice cooker operates on 220V for maximum power and performance. Perfectly designed by the renowned brand Wu Ren Cui, it comes packed with features such as timing function and reservation function, allowing you to schedule your meals effortlessly. The Power (W) ranges from 601-800W, providing quick and efficient cooking results. This smart multicooker is proudly made in China mainland using cutting-edge three-dimensional heating method for optimal heat distribution throughout the entire pot. Gone are the days of unevenly cooked rice! Whether you're steaming vegetables or preparing delicious stews alongside your perfectly fluffy rice, this versatile appliance has got you covered. Experience true culinary excellence with the Smart Automatic Rice Cooker Machine - where innovative design meets unparalleled functionality

  • Enjoy fully automated cooking with the Smart Automatic Rice Cooker Machine, featuring a motherboard robot for precise and efficient cookKitchen AppliancesFood Cookers & Steamersing
  • Experience the convenience of the Riz Cooker's timing and reservation functions, allowing you to effortlessly plan your meals ahead of time
  • With its three-dimensional heating method, this Electric Rice Cooker ensures evenly cooked rice every time
  • Powered by 601-800W, this Household Appliance from Wu Ren Cui brand offers reliable performance for all your cooking needs

Fully Automatic Motherboard Robot Riz Cooker Electric Rice 220v Multicooker Household Appliances for Home Washing Cooking Smart

voltage: 220V

brand: wu ren cui

Timing function: Support

Reservation function: Support

Power (W): 601-800W

Place of Origin: China mainland

Origin: Mainland China

Heating method of electric rice cooker: Three dimensional heating

Heating Method: Three-dimensional Heating

Function: Cooking & Stewing & Heating

Function: Rice Cooking

Function: Quick Boiling

Function: Reservation

Function: Heat Preservation

Function: Baby Porridge

Function: Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot

Function: Porridge/Soup

Function: Coarse Cereals

Function: Reheating

Electric rice cooker capacity: 4L

Certification: CE

Certification: CCC

Capacity: 4.0L

Brand Name: HAOYUNMA

3C Certification Certificate Number: 2021010718398958

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