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Small Desktop Trash Can

Small Desktop Trash Can

Experience a bold sense of adventure in your workspace with our Small Desktop Trash Can - the perfect confetti/peel organizer for a clean and organized desktop. Its mini design, sealed lid, and smart device compatibility make it a beautiful and practical addition to any office tabletop or bathroom vanity countertop. Keep your desktop places tidy with this simple yet innovative trash can that effortlessly keeps odors at bay. Package includes the Flip Cover Desktop Trash Can for fingertip convenience.

Introducing our Small Desktop Trash Can, a must-have accessory for any workspace or office tabletop. This sleek and compact trash can is designed to keep your desktop places clean and organized, adding a touch of flair to your work environment. Crafted with a bold sense of adventure in mind, this confetti/peel organizer is perfect for the risk-taker who appreciates both functionality and style. Made from high-quality materials, this Small Desktop Trash Can boasts a mini design that doesn't compromise on its capacity to hold waste. Its simple color palette fits seamlessly into any office or bathroom vanity countertop, ensuring that your space remains neat and tidy at all times. Equipped with a sealed lid design, odors are contained within the trash can while keeping them out of sight. With every purchase of our Flip Cover Desktop Trash Can, you will receive not only the trash can itself but also an added convenience - the Bounce feature! With just a gentle fingertip tap on the flip cover lid, it effortlessly opens up for easy disposal of waste. Say goodbye to messy trash bags cluttering up your workspace; embrace cleanliness and order without compromising on style. Invest in this smart device today from our reputable brand name and experience firsthand how it elevates your productivity by keeping your workspace clean and organized. Package Included: One Small Desktop Trash Can with Flip Cover Lid – because sometimes even the smallest details make all the difference."

  • Keep your workspace clean and organized with our Small Desktop Trash Can, featuring a convenient lid to contain any unwanted mess
  • Add a touch of flair to your office tabletop or bathroom vanity countertop with the bold sense of adventure that our confetti/peel organizer brings
  • Enjoy a beautiful and tidy desktop environment with our Flip Cover Desktop Trash Can's sealed design, preventing odors from escaping and ensuring cleanliness at all times

Energize your workspace with this Small Desktop Trash Can! The lid and confetti/peel organizer add a touch of flair to this daring risk-taker. Keep your workspace clean and organized while simultaneously exuding a bold sense of adventure!


Size:Type1 about 13*14cm/5.12*5.5in;Type2 about 13*16cm/5.12*6.3in

Color: as picture shown

Origin: Mainland China

Is Smart Device: no

Brand Name: JETTING


Perfect for putting on the office tabletop, Bathroom Vanity Countertop, and many other desktop places.

It hides trash bags so it always keeps your countertop neat.

The mini design and simple color can make the desktop tidy and beautiful.

The lid clicks open and closed very easily with a fingertip.

Sealed design to isolate odors.

Package Included:

1Pcs Flip Cover Desktop Trash Can


1Pcs Bounce Cover Desktop Trash Can


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