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Small Desktop Trash Can

Small Desktop Trash Can

Small Desktop Trash Can

Keep your workspace clean and organized with our Small Desktop Trash Can, featuring a convenient lid to contain any unwanted mess.

Add a touch of flair to your office tabletop or bathroom vanity countertop with the bold sense of adventure that our confetti/peel organizer brings.

Enjoy a beautiful and tidy desktop environment with our Flip Cover Desktop Trash Can's sealed design, preventing odors from escaping and ensuring cleanliness at all times.


  • Perfect for putting on the office tabletop, Bathroom Vanity Countertop, and many other desktop places.
  • It hides trash bags so it always keeps your countertop neat.
  • The mini design and simple color can make the desktop tidy and beautiful.
  • The lid clicks open and closed very easily with a fingertip.
  • Sealed design to isolate odors.

Package Included:

  • 1Pcs Flip Cover Desktop Trash Can
  • Or 1Pcs Bounce Cover Desktop Trash Can
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