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Discover a culinary marvel - the Electric Skillet. It effortlessly delivers double-sided heating, transforming into a pizza pie cooking machine, crepe pancake maker, and BBQ griddle.

. With its double-sided heating, this electric skillet is not limited to just pizza-making; it can also be transformed into a crepe pancake maker or a BBQ griddle with ease. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked pizzas and hello to perfectly crispy crusts and melted cheese. Not only does the Skillet Double-Sided Heating Pizza excel in creating mouthwatering pies, but it can also produce delectable crepes and fluffy pancakes effortlessly on its non-stick surface. Additionally, its BBQ griddle capabilities make hosting backyard barbeques an absolute delight as you sear marinated meats to perfection and grill juicy vegetables for your loved ones. Say farewell to waiting around for your oven to reach optimum temperature or enduring subpar cooking equipment. The Skillet Double-Sided Heating Pizza Pie Cooking Machine will revolutionize your culinary adventures like never before. Don't miss out on unlocking endless possibilities in the kitchen - add this exceptional appliance to your collection today!

  • Achieve consistent and even cooking results with the electric skillet's innovative double-sided heating technology
  • Expand your culinary repertoire with the pizza pie cooking machine that effortlessly transforms into a crepe pancake maker or BBQ griddle.
  • Simplify meal preparation by using this multifunctional kitchen appliance for all your cooking needs, saving you time and effort.

JIQI Household Baking Pan Electric Skillet Double-Sided Heating Pizza Pie Cooking Machine Crepe Pancake Maker BBQ Griddle 220V

Depth: 70mm

Capacity: 1.5L

Weight: 3.1KG

Small fire: 0-90℃

Medium fire: 90-150℃

Big Fire: 150-220℃

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated  power: 1700W

Product size: 245*300*130mm

Material: Teflon non-stick coating

Voltage (V): 220V


Type: CordLess

Power (W): 1700W

Origin: Mainland China

Operation Method: Mechanical Mode

Model Number: xqh1151zy

Material of Plate: Teflon non-stick coating

Heating Side: Dual-side

Function: Auto-Thermostat Control,Energy Saver,Non-Stick Coating,Baking,Stir-fry,Fry,Shallow Oil Fry,Bake

Design: Hover

Certification: CE

Caliber: 24-26cm

Brand Name: JIQI

Baking pan type: Electric Baking Pan

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