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Kitchen Water Splash Guard - Eco-friendly Sink Splash Protector

Kitchen Water Splash Guard - Eco-friendly Sink Splash Protector

Introducing the innovative Kitchen Water Splash Guard - your ultimate solution for a clean and dry kitchen environment. Made from eco-friendly PP+TPR materials, this waterproof and oil-proof sink splash protector is designed with a high protective baffle to prevent water splashing, wet clothes, and messy countertops. Its lovely leaf shape adds a fresh touch to your kitchen decor while its suction cups ensure secure installation. Say goodbye to unwanted mess with our specialty tool that comes in various colors and sizes. Package includes everything you need for easy setup – model number included!

Introducing the Sink Splash Protector, a revolutionary solution to combat water splashes and keep your kitchen sink area clean and dry. This specially designed Kitchen Water Splash Guard is made with high-quality materials such as PP+TPR, ensuring its durability and eco-friendly nature. Its waterproof properties make it oil-proof and splash-proof, effectively preventing any accidental spills or splatters from reaching your countertops or wetting your clothes. Crafted in Mainland China, this unique Water Splash Protector features a lovely leaf shape, adding a touch of freshness to your kitchen environment. With its high protective baffle design, this specialty tool acts as a reliable barrier against water splashing out of the sink while you carry out various tasks like dishwashing or food preparation. The suction cups on the bottom firmly secure the protector in place for added stability. Measuring at an ideal size that fits most standard sinks, this Sink Splash Protector not only serves its purpose but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen space. Available in an environmentally friendly green color option that seamlessly blends with any decor style, this product is both practical and visually pleasing. When purchasing this item online from our reputable store, you can expect to receive a comprehensive package that includes all necessary components for immediate use. Invest in our Sink Splash Protector today to protect your surroundings from unwanted water splashes while creating a more hygienic and convenient kitchen experience for yourself

  • The Sink Splash Protector is an eco-friendly and waterproof solution to prevent water splashing, keeping your kitchen environment clean and dry
  • With its high protective baffle design, this Water Splash Protector effectively blocks oil and water splashes, saving you from wet clothes and messy cleanup
  • Crafted with a lovely leaf shape in fresh green color, the Kitchen Water Splash Guard adds a touch of charm while providing efficient protection against water splashing
  • Equipped with strong suction cups for easy installation, the Dishwashing Baffle Plate Retainer securely attaches to your sink, ensuring that it stays in place during usage

Water Splash Protector for Kitchen Sink. Kitchen Water Splash Guard Oil Proof Splash Proof Waterproof Dishwashing Baffle Plate Retainer.

Type: Specialty Tools

Specialty Tools Type: Sink Splas

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 211102010081

Material: PP+TPR

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Product name: Water retaining plate

Material: PP+TPR

Color: yellow + green

Size: 49 × 6 × 11 cm

Size: 19.29 × 2.36 × 4.33 Inch.

Usage: Waterproof and splashproof


1. Fresh and lovely leaf shape, giving you a green and environmentally friendly kitchen environment.

2, 11 cm high protective baffle to prevent water splashing wet clothes.

3. The four suction cups at the bottom are firmly attached to the desktop.

Package includes:

1 pcs × Water Splash Protector

4 pcs × suction cups