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Sewage Separation Cleaning Mop

Sewage Separation Cleaning Mop

Sewage Separation Cleaning Mop Clean Water and Sewage Separation Mop with Bucket Microfiber Lazy No Hand Washing Floor Floating Mop Household Cleaning Tools


wring: YES

 Wringing Method: Sliding Type

Weight: <2kg

Type: Hook & Loop Type

Steam Adjustment Function: No

Pole Material: Steel

Packaging: With 2 Mopheads

Origin: Mainland China

Mophead Quantity: 2

Mop Rod Type: Hoisting Rod + Plastic Tray

Mop Rod Load-bearing: >10kg

Mop Head Material: PP

Material: Microfibre Fabric

Head Shape: round

Handle Type: Cleaning

Features 9: Home supplies

Features 8: cleaning tools

Features 7: mop mop easy to drain

Features 6: mop mop with bucket

Features 5: mop with spin bucket

Features 42: floating mop

Features 41: Rotating mop

Features 40: Smart mop

Features 4: Household cleaning

Features 39: smart cleaning squeodo for home

Features 38: floor wiper

Features 37: Spin and go mop

Features 36: bucket with spin

Features 35: mops with spin

Features 34: Floor rag

Features 33: cleaning magic squeodo

Features 32: floor washing bucket

Features 31: bucket and mop and dry

Features 30: tornado for dry cleaning

Features 3: cleaning tools

Features 29: bucket mop with spin

Features 28: spin mop

Features 27: Laminate flooring

Features 26: Folding bucket

Features 25: Home essentials

Features 24: For home and comfort

Features 23: Electric mop

Features 22: Mop for cleaning floors

Features 21: Lightning offers

Features 20: floor washing mops

Features 2: Floor mop

Features 19: mops to clean tiles

Features 18: self-healing mop

Features 17: self-squeezer mop

Features 16: mop bucket with drainer

Features 15: all for kitchen and home

Features 14: self-tapping mop

Features 13: window washing mop

Features 12: bucket with mop clamp

Features 11: House cleaning

Features 10: Mop cleaning floor

Features 1: Squeeze mop

Dehydration Rate: 90% -100%

Corrosion Resistance Grade: Grade 9.0-9.9

Capacity: >701ml

CN: Guangdong

Brand Name: THRESMOO

Absorption: <10 seconds

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