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Sealing Food Storage Tank

Sealing Food Storage Tank

Sealing Food Storage Tank

Looking for a smart investment to organize and preserve your food at home? Look no further than our innovative Sealing Food Storage Tank. This high-quality, 10 Kg Rice Bucket is the perfect solution for all your home storage needs.

Key Features:

  • Food-grade materials: Crafted with ABS+PET+AS, ensuring durability and safety for storing food
  • Fully enclosed container: Keep your food fresh and delicious while protecting it from moisture and pests
  • Two size options: Choose between S-Size (24x24cmx24.5 cm) and L-Size (26x26cmx23.5 cm) based on your requirements
  • Personalized customization: Select from PET+PE or PET+ABS composition for sealing, moisture-proofing, and insect-proofing capabilities
  • Recording feature: Easily monitor the capacity of the tank, which holds up to 9L/10 kg of rice or other dry goods
  • Superior quality: Designed with precision in Mainland China, ensuring long-lasting performance


  • Preserve freshness: Invest in a food-grade, fully enclosed storage container to keep your 10 kg of rice fresh and delicious for longer periods
  • Protect against moisture and pests: The ABS+PET+AS material construction prevents moisture and pests from compromising your stored items
  • Customizable options: Enjoy personalized customization options for your food storage needs, ensuring sealing, moisture-proofing, and insect-proofing capabilities
  • Easy capacity tracking: The recording feature allows you to easily monitor the capacity of your food storage tank
  • Convenient sizes: Choose between S-Size and L-Size to accommodate your specific storage requirements
  • Superior quality and durability: Designed and crafted in Mainland China, guaranteeing long-lasting performance

Invest in our Sealing Food Storage Tank today and enjoy the benefits of organized storage coupled with enhanced freshness preservation for all types of food items!