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Sealed Rice Storage Box

Sealed Rice Storage Box

Our Sealed Rice Storage Box is the ultimate food container for eco-friendly kitchens, providing you with a stocked and organized space while minimizing plastic waste

You know what's frustrating? When you're trying to make a delicious meal and the rice is either stale or spilled all over your kitchen. That's why I was thrilled to find the Sealed Rice Storage Box – finally, an eco-friendly food container that helps keep my kitchen organized and my ingredients fresh! And it doesn't just work for rice – this versatile storage solution can be used for any dry goods that need stocking in your pantry. Unlike plastic storage containers, the unique design of this product ensures no spills happen while keeping everything from grains of rice to beans properly sealed. Say goodbye to annoying pantry messes forever with Sealed Rice Storage Box!

  • Keep your rice fresh for longer periods with an airtight seal that prevents moisture and pests from entering the container
  • Reduce plastic waste in the environment by using our ecofriendly Sealed Rice Storage Box as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic storage containers
  • Maximize your kitchen space by decluttering your pantry with our Sealed Rice Storage Box, which is designed to optimize storage and organization
  • Stock up on rice without worrying about spoilage or loss of quality, thanks to the durable construction of our highquality Sealed Rice Storage Box

Sealed Rice Storage Box Home Wall Mounted Cereal Grain Container Dry Food Dispenser Grain Storage Jar Kitchen Closet Organizer

Use: Food

Size: 35.7 × 44.7cm

Package includes:

1 pcs × Rice Storage Box 

 Style: Modern Style

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: CNYHSW95644

Material: Plastic

Feature: Food container

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Feature: Stocked

Feature: kitchen storage and organization

Feature: Kitchen storage

Feature: Kitchen

Feature: crisper

Feature: Plastic storage container

Feature: Breadbasket

Feature: For kitchen

CN: Zhejiang


Transparent and visible large-capacity 10L barrel has transparent design, and the allowance is clear at a glance.

It can hold 20 kg of rice in large capacity, 3 kg of rice in each small compartment and 6 kg of rice in the large compartment.

With quantitative multifunctional measuring cup, the whole family can eat according to the quantity to reduce waste.

The rice bucket is composed of several parts, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be fastened on the back and fixed on the wall.

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