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Sealed Rice Box for Kitchen Organization - Insect-proof, Moisture-proof,

Sealed Rice Box for Kitchen Organization - Insect-proof, Moisture-proof, Visual Metering

Experience the ultimate in kitchen organization with our innovative Sealed Rice Box - your go-to solution for large capacity rice storage. Say goodbye to insect and moisture problems, thanks to its insect-proof and moisture-proof design. With a visual metering grain barrel, this multifunctional sealed rice bucket offers convenient and controllable food storage. Made from eco-friendly PP+PET materials, this modern-style plastic container comes in white, dark green, or orange. Stay organized with our durable and reliable rice dispenser - a must-have for any kitchen!

Introducing the Kitchen House Sealed Rice Box, the ultimate solution for your large capacity rice storage needs. Say goodbye to messy bags and hello to a convenient and organized kitchen space. This multifunctional sealed rice bucket is designed with advanced technology to keep your grains fresh and free from insects or moisture damage. Crafted from high-quality PP+PET materials, this food-grade container comes in three stylish colors - white, dark green, and orange - adding a touch of modern elegance to any mainland China household. The eco-friendly design not only helps reduce waste but also ensures that your food stays safe and durable for long periods. Equipped with a visual metering grain barrel, this rice dispenser allows you to easily control the amount of rice you need while minimizing wastage. The controllable release feature gives you quick access whenever hunger strikes without compromising on freshness or taste. Included in this innovative package is a handy PP measuring cup, ensuring precise portioning every time. With its spacious interior and reliable sealing mechanism, the Kitchen House Sealed Rice Box provides effective protection against unwanted pests while offering ease-of-use like no other cereal dispenser on the market. Upgrade your kitchen organization game today with our state-of-the-art food storage containers! Experience convenience at its finest while knowing that every meal will be prepared using safe ingredients stored securely within our trusted products. Don't settle for less when it comes to quality; choose reliability with Kitchen House!

  • Convenient and Controllable: The Sealed Rice Box allows for quick and easy access to your rice, with a visual metering grain barrel that lets you measure exactly the amount you need
  • Large Capacity Storage: With its spacious design, this kitchen storage box can hold a significant amount of rice, reducing the frequency of refills
  • Safe and Durable: Made from food-grade PP+PET materials, this eco-friendly rice storage container is not only safe for storing food but also built to last in your modern-style kitchen

Experience the ultimate in large capacity rice storage with our Kitchen House Insect-proof & Moisture-proof Sealed Rice Box! Our visual metering grain barrel is the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining space. Enjoy superior food storage with confidence!

Name: Multifunctional sealed rice bucket

Type: Food Storage Containers

Material: PP+PET

Color: white, dark green, orange

Size: as shown

Features: Eco-friendly

Origin: Mainland China

Style: Modern

Material: Plastic

Style: Modern

Material: Plastic,PP+PET

Name: Multifunctional sealed rice bucket

Color: white, green, orange

Size: as shown

Features: Eco-friendly

Kitchen storage: Plastic storage container

jars for bulk cereals: rice dispenser

storage containers: cereal dispenser

Utensils for kitchen: kitchen storage boxes

rice storage container: for cereals storage

Organization: Boxes


1. It is convenient, quick and controllable to take out the rice by opening the lid. With a PP measuring cup, it can be spooned out according to your needs.

2. Food-grade PP material is safe to touch, more durable, reliable, safe and odor-free.

3. The remaining grain of the transparent cover is clearly visible, and the remaining grain can be directly seen.

4. One bucket is multi-purpose, all grains can be stored, such as rice/flour/mung bean/soybean, etc.

5. Cover the cover button to isolate the outside dust and air, and the magnetic suction design seals against insects and moisture.

Packing list:

1 x One multifunctional sealed rice bucket


1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a little size error.

2.Due to differences between different monitors, pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.