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Sealed Food Box Kit

Sealed Food Box Kit

Experience the ultimate convenience and freshness with our innovative Sealed Food Box Kit - your go-to for stylish storage solutions. Discover the multi-layer combination, Japanese bento box-inspired design, and premium stainless steel material for long-lasting quality. From small to large sizes in beige, blue, or brown, this package includes a clothes' storage box too! With its round shape and origin from Mainland China, our Aihogard brand ensures microwavable meals that stay warm or cold thanks to thermal insulation and leakproof bags.

Introducing the Sealed Food Box Kit, a must-have for every organized kitchen. This storage bag offers a multi-layer combination of functionality and style that will seamlessly fit into your daily routine. Inspired by the traditional Japanese bento box, this kit features tiers of stainless steel lunch containers with a capacity available in both small and large sizes. Crafted from premium materials, such as 304 stainless steel and PP, this food box kit ensures durability and longevity. The beige, blue, and brown color options add an elegant touch to your kitchen decor while providing you with ample space to store your delicious meals. Each package includes a practical clothes storage box in a round shape that is made in Mainland China. What sets this Sealed Food Box Kit apart is its impressive range of features. From microwave-friendly capabilities to thermal insulation properties and leak-proof design; it caters to all your needs with utmost convenience. The renowned brand name Aihogard guarantees top-notch quality combined with excellent performance – making it ideal for keeping your food insulated whether you prefer it warm or cold

  • Enjoy Fresh and Well-Preserved Meals with the Sealed Food Box Kit's Leakproof Design
  • Maximize Storage Space and Organize Your Kitchen with the Multi-layer Combination of our Food Box Kit
  • Experience Authentic Japanese Bento Boxes Made from High-Quality 304 Stainless Steel in Various Sizes and Colors
  • Keep Your Lunch Warm or Cold for Hours with the Insulated Thermal Bags Included in the Sealed Food Box Kit by Aihogard

Sealed Food Box Kit With Storage Bag Multi-layer Combination Japanesebento Box 4/3/2/ Tier Stainless Steel Lunch Container

Material: 304 stainless steel + PP

Capacity: Small 420ml, Large 620ml

Size: Small 11.5 × 6.5cm, Large 11.5 × 9cm

Color: Beige, Blue, Brown

Package includes:

1 pcs × Clothes Storage Box 

Shape: Round

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: With Bags

Feature: Microwavable

Feature: Thermal Insulation

Feature: Leakproof

Brand Name: Aihogard


The lunch box is insulated by the outer plastic and stainless steel material inside to keep food warm or cold for longer time.

The food storage container comes leak proof seal of the top tray, operated by strong clips and there are block button each side of tray, so there's no worry about spilling anything.

Light weight and large capacity, easy to carry and convenient to use. Portable handle for easy holding and avoiding burning your hands.

Multi-layer design allows you to separate the food and keep the original taste with great insulation effect.

Not only for lunch box container, but also can be used as cooler box, suit for necessity to gym, picnic and other outdoor activities.

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