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Round Shower Curtain

Round Shower Curtain

Round Shower Curtain, Circle Dome For Quick Shower, Lazy Shower Tray Curtain. Bathroom Accessories Shower Curtains.


Style: Modern

Type: Shower Curtains

Pattern: ENDLESS

Origin: Mainland China

Material: nylon

Feature: Stocked


Use high-quality polyester waterproof cloth material, the fabric is strong and durable, thicker and more air-gathering and warm.

The bath tent is designed with a storage bag, in which you can put towels, soap, combs and other bathing supplies. The design is intimate and more convenient.

The bathroom tent door has a zipper, and the door zipper is made of high-quality metal zipper, which is durable and double-sided, and can be pulled inside and outside of the bathroom

The shower tent is equipped with a zipper for entering the shower head, using an extended, double-head zipper, and two-way pulling, which is convenient for adjusting the shower head of different heights.

The bath tent is equipped with a water inlet handle zipper, which is designed with a lengthened, double-headed zipper, and is pulled in both directions, which is convenient for adjusting the shower heads of different heights.

Foldable: with 3 support rings at the top, waist and feet, so that the interior of the bath tent has a large three-dimensional space, and it will not stick to the body. After use, it can also be folded up.

Opaque, can protect the privacy of bathers very well!

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