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Rotating Rice Barrel

Rotating Rice Barrel

Rotating rice barrel with dosing dispenser. Rice cereal storage container.

Style: Modern Style

 Origin: Mainland China

Material: PE


Our rice buckets are made of PP material, which is durable and not easy to damage. The size is 28.5*39.8cm and can hold about 10KG of grains.

Our rice bucket is dodecagonal and can hold a big belly. Whole grains can be placed at will, and the partition can be removed. When the divider is removed, the rice can be packed separately, and when the divider is installed, the grain can be packed separately.

360° rotation, choose at will, turn gently, more intimate, take rice with one button, take rice according to the amount, refuse to waste, do not need to open the lid to take rice to avoid repeated exposure, more hygienic and healthier, independent measuring cup, eat as much as you want, Refuse to spill, the drainage holes are even, the drainage is fast, and the rice is washed easily.

The upper cover is detachable, which is more convenient to clean, and the whole grains can be stored for a longer time; the lunch box body adopts the slope design of the building body, and no grain of old rice is left in the slope;

Our rice buckets are not only rice buckets, but also can store rice, millet, mung beans, barley, soybeans, black beans, red beans, etc. The simple style is perfect as an anniversary and housewarming gift for friends and family.

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