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Rotary Kitchen Slicer: Eco-Friendly Multi-Function PP Slicer with CIQ

Rotary Kitchen Slicer: Eco-Friendly Multi-Function PP Slicer with CIQ Certification

Introducing the innovative Rotary Kitchen Slicer, a multifunctional PP slicer from Mainland China. With its eco-friendly plastic design and CIQ certification, it guarantees safe and precise grinding, slicing, and shredding. Say goodbye to hand injuries with this stocked kitchen essential that is metal-free!

Introducing the Rotary Kitchen Slicer, a must-have tool for every culinary enthusiast. Crafted with precision and expertise, this multifunctional masterpiece is ingeniously designed to make your cooking experience both effortless and efficient. Made from high-quality PP plastic sourced from Mainland China, this slicer boasts exceptional durability while ensuring utmost safety in the kitchen. Equipped with a range of graters and blades, this rotary slicer offers unparalleled versatility when it comes to grinding, slicing, or shredding various ingredients. With its easy-to-use mechanism and ergonomic design, you'll be able to achieve perfectly shredded vegetables or finely sliced fruits in no time at all. Rest assured that our rotary slicer adheres to stringent quality standards - it's CIQ approved and stocked with top-notch metal components that guarantee long-lasting performance. In addition to its outstanding functionality, the Rotary Kitchen Slicer also champions eco-friendliness as it is made from environmentally sustainable materials. By investing in this sleek kitchen essential today, not only will you elevate your culinary skills but also contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint. Say goodbye to tedious food preparation tasks - let our Rotary Kitchen Slicer streamline your cooking process effortlessly!

  • The Rotary Kitchen Slicer is a multifunctional tool, allowing you to effortlessly grind, slice, and shred various ingredients
  • Made from high-quality plastic sourced from Mainland China, this slicer ensures durability and eco-friendliness
  • This stocked kitchen essential boasts metal graters for precise shredding results without compromising on convenience or quality

Multifunctional Rotating Drum Kitchen Slicer Household Circular Vegetable Cutter Rotary Grater Hand Slicer Kitchen Tool.

Style: modern minimalist

name: veggie chopper

colour: green

Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools

Type: Kitchen Slicers 

Product Category: multifunctional vegetable cutter

Plastic Type: PP

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Function: Multifunction

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Graters

Features 4: Safety

Features 3: grinding

Features 2: slice

Features 1: Shredded

Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked

Certification: CIQ

Blade Material: Metal


1. Free your hands:

Super easy and quick to make even, spirally curled fries, salads, pasta with fruits and vegetables in seconds

2. Kitchen essentials:

For shredding, slicing and grinding vegetables, all in one appliance means more space in your kitchen cabinets without getting dirty

3. Humanized design:

Reasonable drum-type rotary vegetable shredder with strong suction for stability on your table. This makes it efficient and easy to operate!

4. Safe and heavy duty:

100% BPA free food grade ABS plastic and 3 sharp stainless steel blades ensure product longevity in everyday use

Roller Vegetable Slicer

Slicing / Shredding / Grinding


Make perfect slices with ease using the Rotary Kitchen Slicer. Its durable design and sharp blades make it ideal for slicing fruits, vegetables and even cheese. Get precise results and enjoy hassle-free slicing.