Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet Care Machine

Smart Shoe Cabinet

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About the Item:

Rootsense smart shoe cabinet with UV and ozone sterilization, deodorant filter to absorb residual odor. Purification of deodorants, bactericides, antivirus, drying and warm-keeping.

Product specifications:

  • Origin: Shenzhen, 
    • Province: Guangdong, 
      • Country: China,
        • (Chinese: 中国; pinyin: Zhōngguó), officially the People's Republic of China
  • Brand name: ROOTSENSE
    • Copyright © Shenzhen Genyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 
  • Product name: Rootsense Smart Shoe Cabinet Care Machine Footies Series
  • Nominal voltage: 220VAC/50HZ
  • Drying power: 250W
  • Weight: 987.65 Oz
  • Color: White
  • The power consumption of the other: 10W Standby (sleeping)
  • power: <1W
  • Length of power cable: 78.74 inches
  • Control mode: physical button and
  • remote APP control (app for 1OS and android)
  • Working temperature: -10° to 50°
  • Free collocation
  • More style is up to you
  • Appearance Simple design Nordic style
  • APP control Preset task remotely
  • Tipping bucket type, high space utilization.
  • The middle partition can be adjusted
  • to suit shoes of different thicknesses,
  • and the half-moon hole is convenient
  • for high-heeled shoes to put in.
  • Storage Not need assemble The automatic mode
  • can be adjusted automatically according to the weather. Plug for
  • working Intelligence
  • Display by Environmental protection
  • Circular screen ABS Material
  • Sterilization and disinfection Medical-grade ultraviolet
  • radiation & ozone double sterilization
  • Long-life damper for automobile seat
  • Damping buffer Built-in composite advanced activated carbon,
  • ozone filter, to ensure fresh air dehumidification
  • and mildew prevention The PTC heating plate,
  • uniform heating, the temperature control
  • in 40°, the shoes material and glue does not have any effect
  • Deodorization drying and keeping warm Internal and external
  • circulation air duct, super silent dual fans, extremely fast air drying
    • Size:
      • Three layer
        • 45.66 * 11.02 * 27.95 inches
      • Two layer
        • 33.07 11.02 * 27.95 inches
    • Yours app control: APP remote control,
    • customized settings. 
    • Sterilization and Disinfection: UV and ozone
    • sterilization to prevent,
    • cross infection (99% sterilization rate). 
    • Dehumidification and Mold Prevention:
    • Circulate the force of the wind to
    • keep the shoe rack. And shoes away
    • from scab.  Purification and
    • Deodorization. Built-in activated
    • carbon deodorizing filter to
    • absorb residual odor. Drying and
    • keeping warm, PTC heating module
    • combined with temperature, sensor
    • to dry shoes at a uniform temperature.
    • Drying power: 320W
    • Standby power: <1w
    • Rated power: 100-230V AC/50Hz
    • Power cord length: 78.74 inches
    • Working environment: Temp: -10C - 40C degree, 30%~ 75% RH
    • Product category:
      •  Furniture >
        • Cabinets & Storage >
          • Cabinets
            • Shoe Cabinets
    • Material:
      • Plastic
        • Plastic type:
          • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Properties of ABS PLASTIC:

Full NameAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Melting PointAmorphous (no true melting point). Commonly 230°C
Glass Transition105 °C (221 °F)
Injection Mold Temperature204 to 238 °C (400 to 460 °F)
Density1.060–1.080 g·cm−3
Chemical Formula(C8H8·C4H6·C3H3N)n
Tensile Modulus310,000 PSI
SolublilityEsters, ketones, ethylene dichloride and acetone (not water soluable).


Product features:

Rootsense smart shoe cabinet so. We are redefining the life minimize the weight of the shoe cabinet protect your famíly better works with a huawei hilink

Smart shoe cabinet, Innovation and practical, change your life s Intelligent customize Purification of deodorant Bactericidal anti-virus Dry and ould proof Dehumidification mold

Modern intelligent, APP remote control. CMCC Remote control and take care of Footies EPE your shoes when you are out. make your life difference. 72% Preset tasks and enjoy your life Define your every day or week to operate, enjoy your morning time and timing of back home. when you go out you can wear a pair of Dry and comfortable shoes, you will get a great day.

Special airduct design, Keep shoes and socks dry and do not mildew UP and down double fan, Circulating pneumatic conveying, Take away the dampness, keep your shoes Dry and healthy Efficient deodorization,protectclean air, Built-in activated carbon deodorant filter, adsorption with more odor

Medical grade polymer synthetic material, mildew-proof, moisture-proof, deformation-proof, environment-friendly and formaldehyde-free Inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria in shoes and socks to avoid cross infection Quick drying to keep warm no fear of rain and snow The PTC heating plate, uni form heating, the temperature control in 40 °, the shoes material and glue does not have any effect.

Circulating hot air conveying, intelligent control of temperature. SET WORKING MODE FREELY. THREE OPTION YOU CAN SELECT: QUIT STANDARD-FULL POWER Quiet and save electricity humanization design, the taste of life

Weak and weak Slight voice Be quiet Very quiet Hardly audib CAREFUL DETAIL DESIGN SHOWS MORE TASTE OF LIFE Are fanti-collision

design The side corner of shoe cabinet machine adopts safe, beautiful, round and full arc design. It abandons the traditional right angle of shoe cabinet and is intimate and safe. It is not afraid that the sharp corner will touch the baby. Precise space design The middle partition board can be adjusted freely, give you different space, will not hurt your shoe. Half-moon heel hole design Make sure your High heels will be neat and will take care of your hole shoe. Anti-dumping design Fixed holes are reserved on the back to prevent dumping, dual protection, it can be fixed to the wall with 3m glue or screws. Delicate avoid ground line Gold ratio fuselage center of gravity design, fuselage and footline fit, fitted with the home decoration structure ABS material environmentally friendly body, Magnetic switch long life built-in LED lighting Open the door and turn on the light automatically, easy to take shoes more secure.