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Roller Salad Wash Bowl

Roller Salad Wash Bowl

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About this item

Manual Roller Salad Wash Bowl. Manual Rotating Lever Strainer For Washing and Draining Fruits and Vegetables with Rotary Rollers.


Type: Colanders & Strainers

Collection: Kitchen Tools

Type: Colanders & Strainers 

Storage Basket Strainers Drainer: Cleaning Tool

Origin: Mainland China

Manual Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine: Kitchen Double Drain Basket Washing

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Product Parameters

Product Name: Roller Salad Wash Bowl

Color:  pink

Size: 324 × 246 × 206 mm

Usage: household fruit and vegetable cleaning

Material: ABS


Double-layer drainage design, turning over to clean fruits and vegetables is more labor-saving

Food grade ABS material, healthier

Automatic rotation design, eddy current design, cleaning is cleaner and more convenient

Lever principle design, cleaning is more labor-saving

Double-layer design, the inner layer is always stable when rotating and draining

The large capacity can hold a variety of vegetables and fruits at the same time, soak the vegetables and fruits for easy cleaning, and the drain basket can be used directly as a basket after cleaning

The inner layer can be turned upside down to cover the fruits and vegetables to keep them clean and hygienic

Sturdy and durable, fast emptying of pores

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