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Roller Pot Tray: Effortless Mobility and Efficient Garden Pot

Roller Pot Tray: Effortless Mobility and Efficient Garden Pot Storage

Introducing the innovative Roller Pot Tray, designed with a hidden wheel for effortless mobility and efficient storage of your garden pots

Introducing the revolutionary Roller Pot Tray, a game-changer in the world of gardening. Crafted with meticulous precision from high-quality plastic material, this innovative creation is designed to simplify pot storage and provide effortless mobility with its hidden wheel feature. Imagine effortlessly gliding your garden pots from one spot to another without breaking a sweat.

With the Roller Pot Tray's ingenious hidden wheel system, moving even your heaviest planters becomes an absolute breeze. Available in three specifications - Hidden Wheel Tray 270, Hidden Wheel Tray 300, and Hidden Wheel Tray 330 - this versatile invention accommodates pots of various sizes flawlessly. Its outer diameter of 27 cm perfectly matches most standard garden pot saucers for seamless compatibility. But it doesn't stop there!

The Roller Pot Tray goes above and beyond by boasting exceptional durability that can withstand weights ranging from 50–150 catties (approximately 30-90 kilograms). Say goodbye to wobbly trays or damaged flooring surfaces – this sturdy tray ensures stability while preserving the integrity and beauty of both your precious plants and surroundings. Bid farewell to strenuous lifting and backaches caused by bulky pots! Embrace a new era of gardening where convenience meets functionality with the incomparable Roller Pot Tray - where hidden wheels grant unparalleled ease of mobility like never before!

  • Optimal organization: The roller pot tray provides a practical solution for neatly storing plastic pots, streamlining your gardening space
  • Effortless maneuverability: Equipped with hidden wheels, this mobile flower pot bottom bracket allows for easy transportation and repositioning within your garden
  • Superior water drainage: Thanks to the round water chassis in the pot tray, excess water is efficiently drained away, promoting optimal plant health and preventing root rot
  • Exceptional durability and versatility: Crafted from premium-grade plastic material, this hidden wheel tray boasts remarkable strength and can effortlessly support weights ranging from 50-150 catties (approx
  • 55-165 pounds)

Plastic pot storage stand with hidden wheel for easy mobility. Mobile Flower Pot Bottom Bracket Round Water Chassis Garden Pots. Gardening. Garden Pot Saucers & Trays.

Type: Garden Pot Saucers & Trays

Type: Pot Trays

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Item No.: Hidden wheel tray

Product Name: Invisible Tray

Model: 3 Specifications

material: plastic 

Weight: 50-150 catties

Use: flower pot water tray

Model: Hidden Wheel Tray 270, Hidden Wheel Tray 300, Hidden Wheel Tray 330

Outer diameter: 27cm, 30cm, 33cm

Inner diameter: 22cm, 24cm, 27cm

Suitable for flower pot size: 19-22cm, 21-24cm, 24-27cm

Maximum weight: 50 catties, 100 catties, 150 catties


The correct method of choosing the tray: first determine the bottom diameter of the flowerpot, measure the diameter at the largest position, and then compare the inner diameter of the tray in the table above.

The tray must be 1-4cm larger than the bottom diameter of the flowerpot. The good look too! If the size of the flowerpot is very large, it can be appropriately widened.