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Refillable Bottle Sprayer

Refillable Bottle Sprayer

The eco-friendly way to spritz and spray, with our refillable bottle every day.

As I stood in my backyard, spraying water onto my thirsty plants with a disposable plastic bottle, it dawned on me how much waste I was producing. That's when I discovered the Refillable Bottle Sprayer - a sustainable solution for gardening and cleaning needs. Not only did it eliminate the need for single-use plastics, but its adjustable nozzle allowed me to control the flow of water based on what each plant needed - saving even more water. Plus, refilling was a breeze with its wide mouth opening. Now every time I use it to nourish my garden or clean around the house, I feel good knowing that not only am I doing right by Mother Earth but also saving money in the long run by not constantly buying new bottles

  • The Refillable Bottle Sprayer is an ecofriendly and sustainable solution that reduces plastic waste by allowing you to refill it with your own cleaning solutions or water
  • Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for easy handling, making it ideal for use in various household tasks such as gardening, cleaning, and disinfecting surfaces
  • The adjustable nozzle allows you to control the spray pattern and intensity of the sprayer according to your needs, ensuring efficient use of your cleaning solution while minimizing wastage
  • With its durable construction made from highquality materials, this bottle sprayer is built to last and can withstand frequent use without breaking down or losing functionality over time

300ml Candy Colors Hairdressing Continued Spray Bottling Empty Refillable Mist Bottle Salon Hair Tools Water Can Sprayer


Type: Water Cans

Type: Cosmetics

Origin: Mainland China

300ml Candy Colors Continued Spray Bottling Empty Refillable Mist Bottle Sprayer


100% Brand new and high quality!

Can carry on the plane of the travel sub-bottles,

Small and convenient, easy to carry

Oversized bottle, filling more convenient

A variety of colors for you to choose


Color: As show

Material: PP

Capacity: 300ml;

Applicable: personal care, hairdressing, pets, cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Package includes:

1 * travel sub-bottle

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