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Push-button opening desk bin

Push-button opening desk bin

Introducing the smart press-type desktop trash can from OUSSIRRO - your lid-protected solution for waste disposal and mini dressing table storage

Introducing the innovative push-button opening desk bin, a must-have desktop trash can for efficient waste disposal. With its press-type lid-protected design, this debris bucket ensures seamless functionality and utmost convenience. Crafted from durable plastic, it serves as a compact storage solution for your mini dressing table or office space. This versatile office paper-basket is perfect for storing small items or discarding unneeded documents effortlessly. Manufactured in mainland China by OUSSIRRO, this round standing waste disposal unit boasts a model number SYC612 and embodies smart device technology paired with eco-friendly practices. Proudly stocked and readily available to meet your organizational needs, this sturdy storage bucket brings an unparalleled level of efficiency to any workspace. Indulge in the reliability and quality that comes from Zhejiang-based manufacturing while minimizing environmental impact – truly an essential addition to any modern office setup. Please note: This product description aims to provide accurate information regarding our push-button opening desk bin. For additional details on features, dimensions, or warranty information, please refer to the product specifications provided on our website

  • Effortless Waste Disposal: With a simple press-type opening, our push-button desk bin allows for easy and convenient disposal of desktop trash
  • Lid-Protected Debris Bucket: The lid on our push-button desk bin ensures that unpleasant odors and unsightly debris are kept securely out of sight
  • Versatile Storage Solution: Not just a waste disposal tool, this mini dressing table storage doubles as an office paper-basket to keep your workspace organized
  • Durable and Eco-Friendly Design: Made from high-quality plastic, our standing round desk bin is stocked with model number SYC612 and is an eco-friendly choice for responsible waste management in the office or at home

Experience the rush of effortless waste disposal with this desktop trash can: Household press-type, lid-protected debris bucket and stylish mini dressing table storage, perfect for your office paper-basket needs!

material: plastic

Type: Storage Bucket

Style: Pressing Type

Structure: Standing

Shape: Round

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: SYC612

Material: Plastic

Is Smart Device: no

Feature: Stocked

Feature: Eco-Friendly

CN: Zhejiang

Brand Name: OUSSIRRO


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