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Protective back handguard for knife

Protective back handguard for knife

Enhance your kitchen arsenal with our stainless steel knife holder – the ultimate auxiliary fish scale planer booster and protective back handguard. Perfect for all home cooks!

Once upon a time, in the realm of culinary expertise, where knives danced through the air with precision and grace, there emerged a magnificent invention - the stainless steel knife holder. Crafted to perfection, this protective back handguard became an indispensable kitchen gadget accessory for every aspiring chef. With its ingenious design and impeccable functionality, it ensured both safety and enhanced performance during food preparation. Picture yourself effortlessly gliding your hand along the sleek surface of this formidable tool. Its solid structure exudes strength, while also serving as an auxiliary fish scale planer booster for those seeking mastery over seafood delicacies. With each slice or chop you make using your trusty knife, this backhand guard stood as a sentinel between your fingers and the sharp blade – shielding you from accidents that could shatter dreams of culinary prowess. Transforming any kitchen into a sanctuary of efficiency and creativity, this essential home item set new standards in gastronomical excellence. From amateur cooks to seasoned professionals striving for perfection in their craft, no one could resist being captivated by its allure. So step into the world where passion meets precision; embrace the power bestowed upon you by this astounding stainless steel knife holder – because true masters know that behind every great meal lies innovative technology ensuring both safety and superiority on their cutting-edge journey toward epicurean triumph

  • Enhance Safety: Our stainless steel knife holder acts as a protective back handguard, reducing the risk of accidental cuts and ensuring safer kitchen experiences
  • Versatile Functionality: The auxiliary fish scale planer booster feature of our knife back handguard adds an extra layer of convenience to your kitchen gadget accessories collection, making it easier to prepare meals with precision
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our knife holder is built to withstand daily use in the home kitchen, providing reliable protection for years to come

5pcs Stainless Steel Knife Cap Holder Knife Back Handguard Auxiliary Fish Scale Planer Booster Kitchen Gadget Accessories Home

Type: Blocks & Roll Bags

 Origin: Mainland China

Product name: Descaler knife holder

Product material: stainless steel

Product specifications: green, white

Product size: diameter 6cm, height 3.5cm

Weight: about 35g


Fish scale planer booster, easy to solve the problem of difficult to handle food

Small and practical, time-saving and labor-saving, stuck on the knife back, chopped bones and labor

Y-shaped opening, zigzag design, suitable for both thin and thick blades, convenient for card positioning and also for scraping fish scales

One-piece injection molding, durable ABS stainless steel material, not bad for long-term use

Package Included:

5 pcs * tool holders