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Professional Knife Sharpener

Professional Knife Sharpener

Revive your dull knives with precision and eco-friendliness using our 4-stage sharpening system, now stocked with Tungsten steel and ceramic rods.

Once upon a time, there was a professional knife sharpener that revolutionized the way people sharpened their kitchen knives. It boasted of its 4-stage sharpening system which guaranteed to restore any type of blade back to its former glory. With its tungsten alloy and ceramic rods, it promised to produce razor-sharp precision edges on the dullest of blades in seconds. The knife sharpener's body was made with eco-friendly ABS plastic and sturdy tungsten steel making it durable for years of use. Its compact size allows for easy storage, so you can keep your knives sharpened at all times without taking up much space on your countertop or in your drawers. What’s more? The product has been certified by CE / EU, FDA, EEC, LFGB and CIQ attesting to its quality and safety standards; no wonder it comes highly recommended by NUOTEN! With this kitchen knife sharpener stocked up in your arsenal, you will never have dull knives again - save money from constant replacements as well as enjoy hassle-free food preparation anytime!

  • Achieve razor-sharp edges with our 4 stage sharpening system featuring tungsten alloy and ceramic rods
  • Experience precision edge control for effortless slicing, chopping and dicing in the kitchen
  • Our knife sharpener is made from high-quality ABS plastic and eco-friendly materials that are stocked to last
  • Trust in the safety of our CE / EU, FDA, EEC, LFGB, CIQ certified NUOTEN professional knife sharpener

Nuoten Brand Precision Edge Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener Sharpening Knives With 4 Stage Sharpening System

Weight: 254g

 Type: Sharpeners

Size: 215*45*90mm

Sharpening System: Precision Edge 4 Stage

Package: Color box

Original of place: China

Model Number: ND-073

Metal Type: Tungsten alloy

Material: ABS Plastic

Kitchen Sharpener Color: Black

Function: Sharpening Knife

Fine Slot Material: Ceramic rods

Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly

Coarse Slot Material: Tungsten Steel

Certification: CE / EU,FDA,EEC,LFGB,CIQ

Brand Name: NUOTEN

Product Description

1.Sharpen both your Standard knives and your Asian/Santoku knives with the 4 stage knife sharpener. The standard sharpener uses carbide blades to sharpen your standard kitchen knives (American and European style knives).  

2.Stage 2 of the standard side uses ceramic rods to hone a fine edge on your blade. Simply slide the cover over to Asian knives to sharpen your Asian knives. 

3.The V-shaped cutting head with two crossed carbide blades puts a quick edge on knives. Stage 2 uses ceramic rods to hone the fine edge of your Santoku or Nakiri knives


1. Ergonomically designed handle

2. Anti-skid EVA base

3. Safety cover

4. Because of the different angles, there are also Asian knife special knife guides and common tools, suitable for various tools.

 How to Use

 1.Simply place the gadget on a flat work surface and hold the grip handle with one hand and the knife handle with the other.

 2.Insert the knife blade fully into the slot at a 90-degree angle to the sharpener and pull down and back three or four times to sharpen.

 3.After setting the knife's edge with the carbide side, use the unit's ceramic side to nicely finish the edge.

 4.Clean the knife with the water or wiper and dry after use; clean the knife sharpener with non-abrasive brush.

 Package Contains

 1 PC knife sharpener with color box


- Choose appropriate slot according to the sharpness of your knives.

- Hold the handle firmly before sharpening. Don't overexert when sharpening.

- Please don't sharpen serrated knives and scissors.

- Cannot be put into dishwasher or water.

- Keep it away from kids.

Ceramic knife is not recommended for use with this knife sharpener.

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