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Portable Waterproof Electric Razor

Portable Waterproof Electric Razor

Experience the epitome of convenience and style with the Yoose Mini-S Keith Haring Joint Design Portable Waterproof Electric Shaver. Its IPX7 Small Alloy Whole Body Razor guarantees a seamless shaving experience, while the Sticker Printing adds an artistic flair. Crafted with German Krupp Steel Blade for durability, this shaver ensures long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to waiting with its Fast Charging feature.

Once upon a time, in the fast-paced world of grooming and personal care, a remarkable innovation was born - the Yoose Mini-S Keith Haring Joint Design Portable Waterproof Electric Shaver. This extraordinary device transcends conventional shavers with its exceptional features and benefits. Crafted with an IPX7 Small Alloy Whole Body Razor, it guarantees a superior shaving experience that is both convenient and efficient. No longer will you have to worry about water damage or long hours spent battling unruly facial hair. What truly sets this portable electric razor apart from others on the market is its unique artistic touch - Sticker Printing inspired by Keith Haring's captivating designs adorns its body, making it an exquisite statement piece for fashion-forward individuals who appreciate fine aesthetics. The German Krupp Steel Blade ensures outstanding durability and unmatched performance, providing a close shave every single time. Moreover, with its Fast Charging feature, recharging becomes quick and hassle-free - so you can always be ready to conquer your day without any interruptions. Indulge yourself in the remarkable world of precision grooming with the Yoose Mini-S Keith Haring Joint Design Portable Waterproof Electric Shaver! With trusty craftsmanship backed by cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, achieving impeccably groomed looks has never been easier or more stylish than this. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your grooming routine to new heights of excellence today!

  • Durable Performance: Made with German Krupp Steel Blade, this electric shaver ensures long-lasting durability and exceptional performance
  • Quick Recharging Capability: Enjoy uninterrupted grooming sessions thanks to the Fast Charging feature that allows for quick and convenient recharging of your portable electric razor

Yoose Mini-S Keith Haring Joint Design Portable Waterproof Electric Shaver, IPX7 Small Alloy Whole Body Razor, Sticker Printing

Washing Mode: Whole body washing

Power Type: Rechargeable

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Yoose Mini-S

Item Type: Electric Shaver

Gender: Male

Charging Time: 1h

Brand Name: yoose

1. 100% Original

★★★100% Authentic Guarantee and Brand New with Original Box★★★

✔ One Year Warranty

2. Main features

• IPX-7 Waterproof, Fully Washable

• Fast Charging for 1 Hour, One month of battery life

• German Krupp Steel Blade, Not easily Damaged or Deformed

• Sticker printed body, Restoring the Texture of Artistic Paintings

• Heavy Protection: Prevent Accidental Contact, Press and Hold the Travel Lock for 3 Seconds

3. Basic Parameters

• Brand: Colored (Yoose)

• Model: MINI-S

• Color Sticker Printing

• Full Body Wash: Support

• Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong

• Listing time: April 2022

4. Why Choose Yoose Mini-S