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Portable Small Washing Machine

Portable Small Washing Machine

Smart Portable Small Washing Machine. Travel Folding Touch High Frequency Sonic Washing Machine

Product Category: Laundry Appliances

Product type: Washing Machines

Washing Program: Standard Wash

Washing Machine Type: Mini Washing Machine

Voltage (V): 240V

Power (W): >300W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 2704187

Loading Type: Top Loading

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Kemei

Product name: Folding washing machine

Product material: environmentally friendly ABS+TPR

Washing capacity: less than 2kg

Power supply: plug-in

Voltage is wide voltage: 100-240V

Motor working speed: 200-220RPM

Energy Efficiency Level: Level 3

Height: 70cm and below

Motor Type: Frequency Conversion

Width: 30.8

Depth: Below 50.1cm

Function: waterproof, storage, rotatable

Color: as pictured

Size: unfolded 30.8*29.7CM folded 29.7*10.4CM

Package includes:

1 pcs × Folding washing machine
1 pcs × Instruction
1 pcs × GB plug wire
1 pcs × Adapter


1. Smart touch three-gear timing

There are three gears of fast, medium, and slow, and it will stop automatically at the point. After brushing a video, the clothes will be washed.

2. Foldable and easy to carry, easy to store

Press down and fold, it is small and does not occupy a lot of space, it is easy to store and move freely. It is about 10.4CM when it is folded for business trips and self-prepared. Whether it is a business trip or a trip, it will share a little fatigue for you on the way.

3. Support high temperature immersion cleaning, pasteurization to protect inner health

65DTPR environmentally friendly high temperature resistant material, supports 70-80 ℃ warm water soaking and cleaning to effectively remove stubborn stains, and wash close-fitting clothes more assured.

4.1KG gold capacity

Autumn and winter intimate clothing can also be washed with just the right 1KG washing capacity at one time. Intimate clothing and baby clothing can be changed and washed at any time every day. Say goodbye to accumulation, easily separate washing, and be a delicate goddess.

5. High frequency sonic washing. More thorough sterilization and decontamination

Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration washing, strong stain removal, with positive and negative pulsator imitation hand scrubbing, gentle flipping of clothes, deep washing will not hurt clothes

6.42W high-power pure copper motor, no stains left

Built-in high-power pure copper strong motor, high-speed operation to control the washing rhythm, cleaning is more powerful, energy saving, low consumption, durable

Cross-infection of underwear and socks

Independent sterilization and separate washing of underwear without mixing

Underwear, baby clothes and socks should be washed separately to avoid cross infection of clothes mixed.


Elevate your laundry experience with this ultra-convenient quality washing machine. Featuring a subtle yet chic design and made with durable materials, you can always rely on this beautiful appliance to find your clothes feeling clean and refreshed. Perfect for small living spaces, it's the perfect way to stay stylish in any home.

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